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Mr. Free Spirit Talks About the 2017 British Virgin Island Reunion



By Mr. Free Spirit

I started the first British Virgin Island (BVI) reunion article by stating: “There is a difference between EXTRA and EXTRAORDINARY.”

The 2017 British Virgin Island (BVI) reunion is moving further into the category of EXTRAORDINARY. Based on some of the plans that have been provided to me thus far, this will be a reunion that will never be forgotten.

Boating clubs around the United States have been invited and the response appears to be great. Here is a list of just some of the boat/yacht clubs invited:

  • Seafarers Yacht -Club Annapolis MD
  • Seafarers Yacht -Washington D.C.
  • Universal Sailing Club
  • Neptune’s Yacht Club-Baltimore
  • Nauti by Nature
  • Sankofa Odyssey
  • Downriggers Fishing
  • Sailfete-New York
  • Black Boaters Summit
  • Chesapeake Flotillas
  • com
  • Edock-Ms. Bev—Metro Detroit-Power
  • Chesapeake Flotillas

I know you have a question: Do I know how many boats are required so far? — YES

Am I going to provide the number? Not yet

Based on the information I’ve received; this will be an unforgettable experience. If you miss this BVI reunion written words will never be able to describe it.  As I watch the people doing the planning of this reunion I can only say that they are doing a fantastic job.

To list the events that will occur during this reunion would take too much time and I know I would omit something. As I coordinate the events for our boat I realize this is mind blowing, so I can imagine what others are doing. I can only hope that each group decides to have breakfast late each morning due to the extensive list of activities available. The method of itinerary distribution is at the discretion of each group organizer. For Black Men In we will provide the itinerary via email to those going in our group. Every detail is being reviewed to have this trip smooth.

I rarely get mesmerized, however some of the boat/yacht clubs for the BVI reunion have people coming from all over the United States. I went online to research the room rate per night at a yacht club in BVI that we will visit and it was $ 1,000.00 USD per night.

I attended a party this year held by E-Dock/Ms. Bev/Metro Detroit and I was always told “stepping” in Chicago was a way of life and nobody could touch them. Well, Detroit was really in the house.

Atlantic Creole

You know being the new kid on the block, observing this effort is a sight to behold. I must commend all of the individuals’ doing the planning. The job you are doing is fantastic!  It is almost impossible to write about all of the things going on. I will say if you attend this reunion you will need a vacation upon your return home.

From what I see every detail is covered, they plan non-stop entertainment and activities throughout the day and night, there’s more than you can possibly do on a single week! Whether you’re traveling solo, with a friend, family member, or significant other, the 2017 BVI has fun activities for everyone.

I have received some interesting questions about this trip.  Let me help you!

You know that fancy luggage you have?  Leave it home. There are some wonderful duffle bags on the market and it will be easier to store.

Where do you apply for a US Passport?

You can apply for your US passport at many post offices, selected regional federal buildings and at some circuit court offices. The easiest way to find your closest passport application acceptance facility is to go to the State Department’s website and search by ZIP code.  The search form allows you to select handicap access sites and find nearby locations where you can have passport photographs taken.

This BVI reunion has inspired the Gary A. Johnson Company to publish a new online magazine that caters to black boaters.  A preview of the content can be found at this link:  The online mag is tentatively scheduled for publication in November 2016.  All boaters are invited to submit articles for publication.  More information and submission guidelines will be available next month.

Mr. Free Spirit says:

When looking back doesn’t interest you anymore you must be doing something RIGHT!

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  2. I noticed that “No Drama Vacations” is not listed as one of the participating groups. No Drama is one of the organizers of the reunion and it is unfortunate that they have been left off the list.

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