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Opinion: Brett Kavanaugh by Martina Evans, Esquire


In the three months since the Senate hearing and confirmation, Kavanaugh has remained true to form which further assures me that he did EVERYTHING Dr. Ford accused him of doing. Despite knowing the Court would be tainted, he refused to withdraw for the good of this country, especially women because he did not care.  His lies, fake tears, arrogant, entitled demeanor and lack of empathy towards sexual assault survivors were proof positive that he did what she and others alleged.  And for doubters to decry, “I can’t believe her because didn’t she come forth earlier,” is pointless.  Kavanaugh’s mother was State’s Attorney at the time of the incident.  He could do whatever he wanted without any consequences.  If that doesn’t say privilege, I don’t know what does.

And it’s been two months since the election where, sadly, two of the female Senators who voted “No” to Kavanaugh lost their seats.  Both Claire McCaskill and Heidi Keitkamp continued to fall in the polls and to eventual political doom after the vote on November 6.  What a sad commentary for the (lack of) support given to these two women.  I expected women voters, both Democrat AND Republican to support them.  What a hard lesson to learn for us all.  Talk about disloyalty to the sisterhood.  Smh.

Ironically, soulless, senseless, spineless and shameless women who are complicit in mocking, joking, poking fun at and co-signing such abhorrent behavior make it almost impossible to overcome the current culture and climate of “boys will be boys” in this country. While you have mothers, such as myself, who teach their sons that, “No means no,” you have women who will turn a deaf ear to any notion of a woman being sexually assaulted and if so, it was “her fault” or “she brought it on herself.” They vilified the victim, Dr. Ford, before she even testified, while bolstering the predator.  I can just imagine Senator Collins cajoling a six foot plus crybaby Kavanaugh in her rocking chair saying, “There, there…I’ll make sure you get that seat. Those bad women are making up stories about you.”  Way to go, Susan.  So much for your ERA and NOW of the 1970s.

How ironic also that President Trump pandered to (white) women in his campaign scare tactics, saying, “You want to be safe from the Caravan.”  No, we want to be safe from being grabbed in the crotch.  To add insult to injury, Trump’s gross behavior of touting, mocking and belittling Dr. Ford as per his usual antics at a rally in Mississippi after admitting he found her testimony “credible” was inexcusable.  And speaking of Mississippi, he also supported and campaigned and made excuses for Cindy Hyde Smith even after she made racist statements about her Black opponent Mike Espy (no surprise she, too, voted “Yes” to Kavanaugh’s confirmation).  Not to mention Trump’s provocative name calling and belittling of gubernatorial Black democratic candidate Stacey Abrams in Georgia (as well as Andrew Gillum in Florida) against their white male opponents.  Birds of a feather….

After the Kavanaugh vote, Trump told the press, “We won.”  “We?” Who does he mean ‘we’?”  Don’t misunderstand; there’s nothing wrong with winning. Or with being rich.  It’s when your desire to control, to dominate and to win overpowers all rational thought, then that’s when there’s a problem, especially here when you were “elected” to lead a democracy of “we (ALL) the people.”  Score:  Kavanaugh:  1; U.S. 0.  Bottom line:  Kavanaugh’s appointment was a miscarriage of justice.  So, in addition to praying for victims of the Flint, Michigan water crisis, cancer, violence and police brutality, because somebody (or somebodies) caved to intimidation or fear and/or greed didn’t do her jobs, I have to now pray that God also rights this wrong.

But, alas!  November 6 also saw a record 102 women elected to Congress, 35 of whom for the first time and are being sworn in today.  Was it in response to this travesty of justice?  Perhaps.  I realized a beauty of being an American, that sometimes, we’re able to shift the seeming tide in another direction and create more of a balance.  Hope springs eternal after all, even in the wacky world of politics.

Martina Evans, Esquire

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