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Mandatory Credit: Photo by GIORGIO VIERA/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock (9411592g)By Mike Ramey

There is a truth between young men and their fathers that has been overlooked by many of the so-called ‘wizards of smart’, when it comes to what is ‘supposedly wrong’ with the 20- or 30-something men of today.      It’s called being blessed, or affirmed in one’s manhood…by an older man, usually HIS father.

A mother CAN NOT affirm her son’s manhood.  She can actually stunt her son’s development as a man by; a) NOT marrying the son’s father before fornication and pregnancy; b) if the relationship/marriage DOES end, keep the son’s father away from him without a real excuse; c) refuse to let the MEN in her family–including her NEW husband–to interact and help raise the son to successful manhood.

Yes, there are some survival skills that mothers can pass along to their sons.  However, we are living in a time where the mainstream advertising media social engineers are bent on presenting more families having daughters than sons.  This is NOT a help, but a long-term hindrance.

Brothers, even among the millennial set, and the one coming up behind them, men are built on three factors:   They can’t show you how to be a man; they can only show you the folly of your sins…and won’t be there if you fall.


Let me weigh in on the school shooting issue, as a former school teacher and former college instructor.  In a word, the ball was dropped by the students, the staff, the cops, the social workers AND the faculty BEFORE the tragedy took place.

Schools–among other things–are mini-cities FULL of information.  Who goes with who.  Which teacher is giving a test, and what period.  When locker searches will take place.  And, my personal favorite: “Who has put what threat on social media?”

Take this to the bank:  People KNOW when these kids will explode.  It’s hard to believe that a school can tell how many students are Learning Disabled AND are on which medications every week, but can NOT tell which students are likely to be trouble?  Please!  The truth?  The power structure in many schools IGNORE the problems among white teens, and ‘double up’  on ‘perceived’ problems among Black AND Hispanic teens.  THEN they act ‘shocked’ when those youngsters of the lighter hue ‘go off’ and shoot the place up.  As I said on a pod cast not that long ago: “Barney will NEVER shoot Opie!”


I’ve been getting more than a few looks at this particular segment of the show, as men are shocked–shocked, I tell you–that the KJV Bible is sooooo specific on the topic of women, both the bad and the good.  Sadly, many of the ‘bad’ women on the list may be found in your local church–among the singles ministry.

Brothers, I’ll make it plain.  Just because a woman names the name of Jesus, does NOT mean that she’s a Christian.  Just because a woman goes to church does NOT mean that the church is ‘in’ her.  And, just because she has a KJV Bible on her electronic device does NOT mean that she spends part of her day READING it, and HEEDING it!

A man MUST be a ‘fruit inspector’ when it comes to checking people out…ESPECIALLY those who claim to be members of the household of faith.  Too many women have been getting a ‘pass’ from the brotherhood, only to find out too late that the woman in question WAS a mix of Lizzie Borden and Godzilla!

Our spotlight for the month is going to fall on the Foolish Woman as outlined in Proverbs 14:1: “Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands (KJV).”  The Foolish Woman is one who would rather see her marriage destroyed to further ‘her career’; murder or otherwise poison the minds of her children to turn them against their father/stepfather, and/or hang out with her ‘sistahfriends’ rather than spend time at home taking care of the home, marriage and children that she ‘claimed’ that she wanted!  Brothers, be warned.  This is NOT a sister whom you would want to take home to your mother.  Your mother (as well as the other female members of your family) will be the first to urge you to get out of the relationship A.S.A.P.


Over the last few years, there has been a quiet move by the forces of alcohol to expand further into the mainstream.  First, there has been a notable rise in the number of microbreweries–places that may distribute ‘homebrewed’ types of beers.  Some of them have been surfacing in urban neighborhoods as Millennials gather at these upscale watering holes to ‘quaf’ a few brews to reduce their daily stress, and avoid Black folks.

Then, in my home state of Indiana, our Republican-controlled legislature, and Republican governor have decided to allow for carry out liquor sales on Sundays, from the hours of Noon to 8pm.  In fact, the forces of demon rum could NOT wait the standard three months for the new law to take effect.  No…they wrote the law so that, once the governor signed it, it would take immediate effect.  Guess who was seen on camera buying booze on the Lord’s day?  Right…the Governor who signed the matter into law!

We don’t learn very much from history, do we?  Boozing on Sunday does not glorify God, nor His Church.  Further, booze, just like illegal and legal narcotics does more to enslave, rather than save the souls of men and women.  If you doubt me, look at how many states AND DC jumped at the chance to legalize weed in spite of its dangers.

For the almighty buck.

Seems like BOTH political parties would rather collect the taxes from sin, rather than deal with sin and encourage the sinner to turn to righteousness.  Guess who gets to clean up society’s mess?  Right…the Church!


Earlier in March, the married Mayor of Nashville, Tennessee, Megan Barry, 54, Democrat, resigned from office after it was not only discovered that she had committed adultery with the married chief of her security detail; she also allegedly committed theft by misappropriating more than $10,000 in government funds.  Yes, she was booked into jail and took a plea deal where she will plead guilty to the monetary theft, and spend three years on probation…this according to published reports.  Wow…just WOW!

Mike Ramey is a Minister, Book Reviewer and Syndicated Columnist who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.  ‘The Manhood Line: Live’ is one of a variety of columns that Ramey has in cyberspace.  To drop him a line…or a whine…the address is still the same:  ©2018  Barnstorm Communications.   

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