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The Manhood Line: Live! by Mike Ramey


For those who may have joined me late, just before the groundhog popped up out of the ground, OTHER sexual misconduct scandals took place involving women.

THIS time, it was the women who were the initiators of said misconduct.
Published reports have alleged that the female Mayor of a southern city–who is married–admitted that she committed adultery with her married former chief of security.  Then, in California, a female Hispanic Assemblywoman who has been at the forefront of the #MeToo movement, was allegedly involved in sexual misconduct involving one or two men.  The misconduct against the men featured groping, improper advances and other such things.  Both of these politicians are Democrats.  Both of these women have yet–as far as I am aware of–to resign from their respective political offices.
A new hash tag has been making the rounds of social media: #WomenDoItToo.

The dirty little secret about sexual misconduct: women have been and are just as capable of committing sexual sins, AND when caught they are VERY slow to resign or give up positions of power and authority.  Unfortunately, many men and women don’t read their KJV Bibles on a regular basis to know the full depravity of the human heart and sexual sin.  Anyone–and I do mean anyone–is quite capable of sinning AND drawing others in to sin–especially sexual sins.
My brothers, it has long been maintained by the mainstream press that women are ‘incapable’ of the ‘role’ of sexual aggressors or predators.  Many of these press clippings were written by women.

World Net Daily took a courageous stance more than a few years ago by keeping a running tally of female school teachers, female school staff, and even female principals who seduced male–and some female–students of high school (and even middle school) age.  “The Big List: Female Teachers With Students” is still listed at the site, and through various other search engines on the web.  I suggest that you spend some time reading it and sharing it.

In Proverbs, Chapter 6, there are women on display for men to avoid.  In light of the recent headlines involving #WomenDoItToo, our focus for the month rests upon the whorish woman.  Verse 26 explains her: “For by means of a whorish woman a man is brought to a piece of bread: and the adulteress will hunt for the precious life” (KJV).
Adultery is the act of a married or single person having sex with a married person.  No, it is not called ‘an affair’ by God’s standard.  It is adultery, plain and simple.  It is included among the Ten Commandments.  And, if you read further in this chapter of Proverbs, you will find that–among men–adultery is VERY difficult to forgive.
Brothers, I’ll make it plain.  There are SOME women in our society who seek to ‘hypnotize’ men into submission by what they have between their legs.  Remember Joseph!  RUN FROM women like this!  Spies know this by another name: “The Honey Trap”.  Don’t be trapped by ANY honey, brothers.  It will cost your more than you can afford to pay.

One famous Black entertainer had one of those ‘showdown’ moments with his son years ago.  The son wanted to go out to a party.  The father said NO!  The son challenged his father:  “Well, why can’t I go out?”  The father calmly stated:  “Son, I’ve been…where you’ve got to go!”
Another one of my heroes, Les Brown, on one of his taped series, tells the story about the time that he has one of those ‘showdown’ moments with his son over his grades in college.  Brown, no stranger to facing showdowns, firmly told his son the following:  The boy’s grades were going to have to be a minimum B in all his classes in the next term…or he would NOT pay for his college education.
The son got his grades up.
Well, whadoyaknow about that!
Showdown moments.  Every man has them…or WILL have them!  They test your backbone.  Sure, you may not like them…but you have to have them, to grow and run your family and your life effectively.  Brothers, you are being warned about that which lies ahead.

Sometimes the best thing that a husband can do is protect his home from foreign and domestic enemies.  If you want a peaceful home, you have to lay a sure foundation in Christ AND make sure that your spouse and children DO NOT hang out with people who aren’t going anywhere in life!  If you get the wrong ‘vibe’ from a friend of your Mrs.–or friends of your children–you need to speak up and break up that deadly relationship before that devilish spirit attempts to move in to your home.

Sports warrior Harold Bell.  He and I may have gone up different broadcasting hills, but we’ve chewed some of the same dirt together!  One of the ORIGINAL Black Panthers!

If mothers can take their sons and daughters to various sports activities to be a good parent; if fathers can carry their children around in ‘baby carriers’ to be a nurturing parent, why is it that parents don’t take the time to break out the KJV Bible and teach their children something that will last a lot longer on the road of life?  How to be a Christian parent?  Become a Christian!

Brothers, READERS are THINKERS!  Besides reading your KJV Bible everyday, there are other books that need to become a part of our ‘mental reservoir’.  The late Reggie White’s “In The Trenches” is a book written by a Christian man, who was one of the tops in the game of football.  Character and faith are two missing ingredients from many of the athletes of today.  White had them both, and was not ashamed to stand up for Jesus Christ even though he suffered public outrage over his calling truth–truth!  Many of our so-called modern athletes are disrespectful, boorish, whoremongers, drug-addled and money hungry.  Is THIS what we want our sons to become when encouraging them to play a sport?

Mike Ramey is a Minister, Book Reviewer and Syndicated Columnist who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.  ‘The Manhood Line: Live’ is one of a variety of columns that Ramey has in cyberspace.  To drop him a line…or a whine…the address is still the same:  ©2018  Barnstorm Communications.   

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