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    During my teaching days, I would occasionally run into a student who said that they: “Couldn’t learn the material”.   “Oh, really?” I would ask.  “Well, let me ask you a few questions…who is your favorite rapper; what were their top three hits and what were the lyrics to any one of their songs?”  Oh, that student not only could hardly wait to answer my questions, they wanted to perform in front of the class.

    “You see, young man…you can ‘learn’ that stuff, but you won’t ‘learn’ the important stuff that will provide food, shelter and clothing for you.  Seems to me that you are setting yourself up for defeat…because it’s not that you CAN’T learn; you are choosing NOT to learn.”

     They grumbled for a few seconds, picked up their textbook, and got back to their assignment…a little more aware that there was at least ONE teacher who was not content to let them ‘slide’ through the day with their ignorance as a crutch.  Sadly, this scene is played out in schools around the country, and some of the participants are our Black male students…even at the college level!
    Brothers, in these last days, no man can afford to NOT want to improve themselves and learn the skills they need to become a successful member of society.
    I for one am not willing to let you slide!
Young men, here’s your challenge for the New Year.  Shuck the victim hood.  Stop playing the victim.  Stop sucking on the socialist/communist/antifa/racist social media brew.  Yes, ‘book learning’ is hard.  It’s supposed to be.  You may not like the grade you get after you gave it your all, and did your best to master the material. However, think of how much farther you will sink, or, how much slower you will progress will be…if you won’t try, or would rather slide by in life.
    A few years back, another of my students came up with the following observation that I have shared far and wide: “Excuses are the nails in the household of Failure”.
    Believe it or not, there ARE individuals who think its ‘cool’ to live in their failures; that believe they are better off in taking the path of ‘least resistance’ in life.
    Unfortunately, they exist in every family, school, college and workplace.
    Take the case of young Black men in school.  There are some who make fun of the successful young Black man who speaks well, carries himself well, and is achieving in the classroom.  I’ve witnessed it, and have told many a young brother to press on!

    Brothers, don’t fall for it when your friends hate your successes in life.  It is best to find some new friends, and continue onward and upward.

Eventually those who hated on you will be coming to your for a job.

Being a rapper or DJ or athlete may be popular, but it’s the lawyers, accountants, doctors, writers and teachers who get PAID and have the stable home lives!

    In the Book of Acts, the Apostle Paul and Barnabas got into a heated argument over whether or not to take a young John Mark back onto the mission field after John Mark cut his first tour short and went home.  The two sages of the faith got loud, and got intense.  In the end, Paul took Silas, and Barnabas took John Mark and went their separate ways.  In later years, the scriptures record that Paul came to respect John Mark, and requested that he come to visit him while he was imprisoned.  God rewarded John Mark’s growth in the ministry by having him pen the Gospel of Mark…a gospel that one might add, is brief but powerful.

    My point?  One may disagree with someone.  However, when one takes to marching around one’s home; threatening family members or hounding people out of restaurants because of their views not being your views, your standing as an adult is in question.  Yes, I know it seems to be ‘the thing to do’ in taking to the streets in this generation to make one’s voice and views heard.  However, I find it interesting that the ‘mob’ mentality is fueled by money; there are people who want to see someone destroyed…not merely disagreed with.
Years ago, when I was a Probation Officer, I would have the occasional gang member huffing and puffing because one of THEIR family members had been ‘roughed up’ by a rival gang.  Now, keep in mind, that my complainer had done the SAME thing to others…and his ‘chickens were coming home to roost’.  That is the danger of being uncivil to people…that dog can quickly turn and bite you.

    In turning towards our topic of marriage to round out the year, I find it interesting that there are soooo many haters out there, regarding how a man proposes to his potential wife.  Recently, a marathon was taking place in a large urban area.  A young woman was competing in the event.  During the race, the woman’s finance’ managed to get her attention–and propose, on one knee, and with the ring.  She said ‘Yes’; the couple embraced, and she remembered that she had to get back and finish her marathon.  Later the happy couple celebrated.

    Did you know that there were haters on social media who didn’t like this event taking place?  Oh, the ‘snarkette bunch’ was on the screens in full force!  Not because the event was right or wrong, but they were JEALOUS…that’s the bottom line.  This is the same group of women (mainly) who complain that they ‘can’t find a man’ but won’t stop their membership in the ‘man-haters’ society long enough for a good man to find them.
Brothers–never forget this fact–the sacrament paid on the altar of feminism is abortion!  That’s why our community is growing weaker; many women (and some men) believe in abortion as birth control…rather than waiting for marriage THEN having kids!
    Further–this one for the ladies who read my column–during the recent midterm elections, a group of women decided that they would ‘close up shop’ if their boyfriends or husbands would NOT vote the way that they wanted them to.  Like one preacher noted years ago: “You can win the battle and lose the war!”  In other words, if a man is ruled by that ‘shop’, he’s not much of a man.  AND let me say, IF a person wants to use sex as a weapon, don’t be shocked when someone else comes through–with a supply convoy FOR YOUR MAN!
    On the matter of disagreements in marriage.  They happen.  Don’t be uncivil.  If husband and wife agreed on every point…one would be unneeded.  Like the KJV Bible says: “Don’t let the sun go down on your wrath”.  Get it worked out.
    Lastly, on the subject of hyphenated names.  Brothers, don’t get involved with a woman who; a) believes in or has a hyphenated name, or; b) during your engagement, says that she won’t take your name in marriage.  You are setting yourself–and any future children–up for heartbreak.  THIS is a woman that you stay away from, as she is REALLY not into being a wife, but being a feminist.  She wants her husband to be her ‘feminist trophy’, NOT her husband the way God intended–the prophet, priest, protector and provider for the home.

    Brothers, a woman with a hyphenated name represents rebellion.  She knows it even if you don’t.  She didn’t listen to, or respect HER father (in many cases) so she ‘keeps’ her maiden name in order to ‘honor’ her mother…and disrespect you.

    A few years back, a woman wrote an article detailing how she ‘shed’ her hyphenated name, and took her husband’s name, after–one time too many–her children asked her why the hyphenated name, as: “All of our friends had the same last name!”  The woman…on this occasion…really though about it, and could not come up with an answer.  She wept, repented, went and apologized to her husband, and made arrangements to take his last name FULLY.  The end result was that she felt more like a wife, than a ‘statement for feminism’.  That story was worth its weight in gold.

2019 looks so bright for us, brothers, we’d better get out our shades!


Mike Ramey is a Minister, Book Reviewer, P-School Ranger and Syndicated Columnist who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.  “The Manhood Line: Live” is one of a variety of columns that Ramey has in cyberspace.  To drop him a line…or a whine…the address is still the same:  ©2018 Barnstorm Communications.

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