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The Manood Line: Live!™ By Mike Ramey


I just wanted to start the New Year off with a new slogan for the brothers who follow my column.  During the holidays, I had the chance to sample some vintage James Brown.  One of my ‘back in the day’ favorites is: “Papa Don’t Take No Mess”.  Out of tribute to the ‘Godfather of Soul’, and remembering my own father, I shaped this year’s motto thusly:  “Brothers–Don’t Take No Mess!”

This is a NEW year, which means that it is ripe with change for the better.  There are people you NEED to delete from your ‘circle of friends’.  There are girlfriends that some need to DROP like a hot brick BEFORE Valentine’s Day (unless you like being regarded as her ‘Instagram boyfriend’).   Some brothers may NEED to go on a social media DIET and spend more time reading the KJV Bible, getting involved in the church and community (and put away the wacky tobacco and wine coolers) AND staying away from toxic exes, and unforgiving children (some of whom may be teens and older)!

There are homes that need to have firmly established that the Husband is the HEAD of the home, and NOT the TAIL.  I don’t care what is in the commercials.  Yes, daughters are great, but it is the SONS who will carry on the family name, and they NEED to be raised and taught by a MAN!

T. D. Jakes said it best: “A nation of women CANNOT raise up a nation of men!”

Dozens of men come forward during the invitation led by Roosevelt Walker, Faith United Church, Nashville, TN, to commit and rededicate their lives to Jesus Christ, and to being “the man” in their home churches and communities. The “Be The Man” conference held May 8-9, 2009, brought over 450 men to the LifeWay Ridgecrest Conference Center near Asheville, NC.

Some of us NEED to start acting like the Christian men that we are, and get our families in line.  The world DOES NOT dictate to the home.  The wife does NOT dictate to her husband.  She is his help meet, NOT his boss.  Read the book, brothers.  Grow a set and get back on the bridge!  Feminism ONLY thrives when REAL men do nothing.      When men stand up for God (as was the case on 9-11 and during the Promise Keepers movement prior to this) we see results!  It is NOT worth it to ‘roll over’ every time a woman acts like a shrew.  Sometimes, King Henry the Eighth had the right idea…he nipped a LOT of home trouble in the bud!  Read your history before they revise it off the books, brothers.  Queens are in history, but it takes a KING to properly run a nation, a kingdom, or a home.  It’s not PC…but it IS the truth.

There are young men who need to stop falling for every whiff of perfume and pair of panties that dot the landscape.  There are older men who need to share their wisdom with younger men and stop complaining about ‘what they can’t do’.  Yes, there are some overgrown children in the sports/entertainment/media kabal that need to go somewhere and sit down and READ about the history of the brothers who came before them in their various professions.  Jim Brown did his job, and had enough strength to work in the community AFTER his playing days.  Some of you ‘famous’ brothers need to find older brothers in your field who have ‘done it’, and check out their history.

In viewing the funeral of the late President George H. W. Bush recently (Bush 41), I was struck by the ‘revisionist history’ of the ‘feminized Mainstream Mess’(MSM), of which I USED to be a proud part.  Let me say from the beginning…IF the so-called ‘journalists’ of today were reporters in my day?  Many of them would not have only been FIRED; they would have been barred from being hired by any other credible news outlet because of their actions.  Journalism is a TRADE.  Those who are in the trade are supposed to COVER the news, not revise or ‘whitewash’ history during the coverage.  Plus, a reporter has a DUTY to do his/her homework on the beat or subject they happen to be covering.

Brothers, let’s be for real.  Regardless of all of his accomplishments, Bush 41 was a one-term president because he LIED to the American people in order to ‘get along’ with the Democrat party  He satisfied them, and got Bill Clinton elected.  Bush 41 is a perfect example of what one should NOT do, to please those enemies who are gunning for you.

One lie can do more than kill a career…it can kill a family, a company or a legacy.

One of the beauties of growing older is that you were around when certain historical items were happening. Plus you can objectively provide a solid perspective to a new generation.  Take the Reagan and Bush 41 eras.  I lived through both of them, and was just starting out in broadcasting.  The MSM was just starting to feel its ‘argumentative’ oats.  Disrespect of the Republicans who held the Oval Office was just starting to kick.  (Of course, those of the Democrat political spectrum who held the Oval Office–those who did more to curtail the rights of a free press, by the way.  They were given a ‘free pass’ by the MSM to do their dirt, but I digress.)

Do you catch my drift?
Brothers…Don’t take no mess!

With a New Year comes a time of resurrection, NOT meaningless resolutions.  Thus, our KJV Bible Patrol this year is going to be through the 119th Psalm, covering the highlights, and being aware of the snipers that may be out there to rob you of your manhood and your joy.

Psalm 119 contains 176 verses, sets of ten broken up for every letter in the Hebrew alphabet.  The writer wants to make sure that the reader gets a REAL cardio workout with the scriptures, taking time to break the issues of life down to bite sized pieces of wisdom.

Brothers, it is our duty–IF you are a Christian man–to not only spend time IN the book, but be able to field strip it to help others both IN the Body, and those SEEKING Christ.  The more that you–not just the pastor or deacon–work with the Word, the more it will work ON you and help you to see the snares and temptations that the world, the flesh, and the devil have arranged for your downfall.

Never say that you can not ‘learn’  something…especially the Bible.  It’s worth the investment of time to flip the pages of the Bible, rather than ‘only’ use you electronic device to work out with the scriptures.  You’ll get more out of the KJV and be more of a threat to the enemies of the cross.  More to come, next month, Lord willing!

Mike Ramey is a Minister, Book Reviewer, P-School Ranger and Syndicated Columnist who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.  “The Manhood Line: Live” is one of a variety of columns that Ramey has in cyberspace.  To drop him a line…or a whine…the address is still the same:  ©2019  Barnstorm Communications.

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