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The October Column: The Manhood Line: Live! By Mike Ramey



With our coming into the Halloween season, it’s good to discuss spiritual things and how much they impact the physical realm.  For, my brothers, if you understand the spiritual, you’ll have a better understanding of the physical.

Let’s explain a basic truth.  If one does NOT have a firm relationship with Jesus Christ and have Him in their lives, not only do they NOT have protection from evil spirits; they also do NOT have a true understanding of the spiritual side of life.

Spiritual warfare is NOT an imaginary ‘suggestion’ in the KJV Bible, but an unadulterated FACT.  The reason why a lot of young Christian men are failing in their lives is that they don’t take the war against them from the forces of Satan and his demons as a real event.  Jesus himself had to deal with the unseen realm on multiple occasions.  Mark, chapter five points out the demoniac who was possessed by a legion of demons.  Jesus, throughout his earthly ministry had to case unclean spirits out of MANY people.

If the Lord had to deal with evil spirits; and his apostles had to deal with evil spirits, make no mistake about it:  Those who follow Christ are going to have to deal with evil spirits.  In short, brothers?  The armor of God is ONLY for the Christian man–and you NEED to know how to use it!

Mental Illnesses have increased in their frequency and scope at just about every level of society.  Many of these illnesses are directly linked to occult involvement.  Playing with Ouija boards, binge watching horror movies or playing violent video games on line will leave doorways open in one’s soul…doorways that need little prompting from Satan and his forces to become permanent residences of evil spirits.

One of the best books on this subject is “Between Christ and Satan” by Kurt Koch.  Check it out.  You won’t regret the investment.


The Ol’ P-School Ranger just happened to think of a few items of interest involving the National Football League (NFL) and its low viewership.  You can file this under “God don’t like ugly, and ain’t too thrilled with pretty”:

*Back in the nineties, Christian NFL football players of competing teams used to kneel at midfield to PRAY at the END of football games.  The cameras were rolling–and the NFL got upset.  Fast forward some 20 years.  Now, we have the NFL silent as a few players are taking a knee AGAINST the things that make this country great–INCLUDING God.  Viewership continues to fall.  What a shock!

*Back in the nineties, football stadiums were packed to capacity for Promise Keepers rallies to lead men to Christ, and to teach men the concepts of biblical manhood.  The NFL got upset about the practice and the preaching.  Fast forward some 20 or more years.  NOW the NFL has problems FILLING stadiums.  What a shock!

*Remember Tim Tebow?  Had Bible verses written on his eye protectors in college.  Was a warrior for Jesus Christ on the NFL football field, and wasn’t ashamed to tell the world about Christ.  The NFL didn’t like it.  Fast forward some 20 or more years.  Tebow has moved on, is more prosperous…and the NFL is still begging for fans to come back.  What a shock!

*Lastly, back in the nineties, Christian football players would thank God for their touchdowns in the end zone.  The NFL passed a variety of rules prohibiting such displays ‘of religion’, saying that they weren’t ‘proper’ for family viewing.  Fast forward some 20 years.  Now the NFL approves of all kinds of ‘antics’ in the end zone…but no praise to God.  Bottom line?  God has a way of paying back those who disrespect Him, and his people.  What a shock!


One thing that I can say about the sixth wave feminists involved with the #MeToo crowd…they represent the kind of women that a man should NOT date, NOR marry.  They are anti-Christ, anti-common sense, anti-family, anti-responsibility, and anti-conservative woman.  Don’t believe the hype, brothers: Feminism has ALWAYS been about power, and making the woman the head of the home and society.  God took woman from man’s rib…not his brain, nor his backbone.  No matter how loudly a shrew screeches, she’s still NOT the marrying kind.  Leave her alone to mess up her OWN life!

There are some who may not like President Donald Trump.  However, truth IS truth, and right IS right. MAGA, baby!  His best quote for men?  “It’s a very scary time for young men in America.”  Thus, IF you are thinking of marriage, you had better be aware of the times, and the women that are ‘on the landscape’.  Like they said in the first “Men In Black” movie: “Nothing is as it seems.”

The best booklet on marriage I have found?   It’s available at the website.  You can either order by snail mail.  This 28 page masterpiece comes complete with a 10 question study guide in the back, just to check on your reading this booklet.

Two items hit you as you start reading:  First, a man MUST have HIS relationship right with God; second, you MUST seek your spouse from God.  Yes, it is a blessing to find a wife…but God, through Christ, is the one who will lead you to the right one, baby!  More on this subject, next month.  One other thing:  Pre-marital counseling from a true Man of God at a Bible-believing church.  It WILL make a difference!

*A Black man with a job and a future will build a family.  A Black man without a job and a bleak future will help destroy a community.  What are we seeing on our streets?

Black Business Owner; put your corporate logo and ‘party money’ into your brothers and sisters.  A party lasts but a weekend.  A young brother with an education and some job training will be able to start his employment career with Y-O-U!

There is no BETTER party…than helping someone get their first paycheck!

*It’s not JUST about registering.  It’s about VOTING.  If you can look in the mirror and support people who believe in abortion, your mirror is cracked and you are wrong!  Don’t be fooled by the screams and the protests.  Get out and VOTE!

Mike Ramey is a Minister, Book Reviewer, P-School Ranger and Syndicated Columnist who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.  “The Manhood Line: Live” is one of a variety of columns that Ramey has in cyberspace.  To drop him a line…or a whine…the address is still the same:  ©2018  Barnstorm Communications.

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