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By M. G. Ramey

When one has put in the sweat, prayer, and hard work to achieve a vision of something better in one’s profession, there will be mockers and scoffers a-plenty. The question to the innovator; the man or woman who not only marches to a different drummer but has their own band…are you willing to stick it out? Are you willing to ride that innovation to the ground, with your cowboy hat flapping in the breeze (a.k.a. Dr. Strangelove)? Tough questions for tough times.

Long ago I was blessed to observe that the gang scene had modernized, thus I coined the term ‘Modern’ Street Gangs, and adjusted my training and research methods accordingly. Today’s gangs have–in addition to the tech, guns, and willpower to do wrong–deep, spiritual roots. The gang/terrorism dynamic today is NOT like “West Side Story”, whether one wants to believe it or not. You can’t have ‘Maria’ expectations to combat ‘Terminator’ attitudes as France, England and others are finding out.

Innovation does not originate because of technology, but because of thought, observation and risk. FedEx, if I remember my business history, came about because the author of an ‘average’ business paper put his own equity and money into the vision. Mary Kay Cosmetics grew from a desire and fostered more than one generation of female entrepreneurs and sales consultants. Both are worldwide brands.

Today’s terrorist cell is nothing more than a Modern Street Gang.  As a consultant, I am amazed by the fact that agencies have tons of money to resurrect failed programs rather than to deal with the gang or terrorism problem straight on. They have lacked vision, and have killed off innovation on the inside of many of their own agencies. The gangs and terrorists have modernized, have added the spiritual to the criminal, and have unsheathed deadly results, while laughing at the paralyzed ‘status quo’.

Want to learn how to solve a problem? Check for the location of the nearest innovator. They aren’t too hard to spot. Just follow the crowd of naysayers, catcallers and scoffers. In the words of the late President Teddy Roosevelt, those who are in the arena, striving for a cause, and who know well the joys of victory, and can get up after a defeat are the problem-solvers you have been looking for.

Ramey Rev. M. G. Ramey is a Modern Street Gangs and Media Consultant who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. Emails are always welcomed to © 2015 Barnstorm Communications.

“A Sleeping Soul Is Already An Ensnared Soul”–Thomas Brooks

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    Bill Cosby the rapist

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