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A few years back, I happened across a really dumb idea that was making its way around the upper halls of academia:  Changing school start times to allow students MORE time to get their rest at night!  What makes this item even more moronic is that those proposing and implementing this ‘radical’ suggestion came through the SAME school environment as many of the rest of us.  It seems that someone has taken a giant leap away from their good senses!

Schools have more functions than just educating children.  They are also designed to ready a child for the world of adulthood by getting them used to getting places on time in a prepared, orderly, and obedient manner.  Thus, the student, may start out as a disorderly ball of clay, but ‘should’ –from their 12 years of public education–know how to get up early, function and complete a variety of tasks in a scheduled period, and head home every evening with the ability to get their homework done and turned in on time the next day.  The average school day is a preparation for the average college day, military day or employment day.

The excuse for not completing one’s homework used to be that the dog ate it. Then along came the Internet, and all of its associated gadgets.  Now young people can stay up all night playing video games, or on FB and SC texting and society is expected to make concessions?  Parenting skills once used to ‘put’ children to bed at a reasonable time have gone out the window.  Teachers who used to have the skills to motivate their students to stay awake in class, have had their abilities strait-jacketed by administrators who, in turn, have had their thought processes imprisoned to the whims of the school board and high-paid education consultants who have more regard for their ‘pet theories’ rather than good ‘ol truth:  “He or she who can’t stay awake for class, won’t be able hold a job!”

Can we send this school of thought back to the ‘Twilight Zone’ from whence it came?  I’m willing to bet that the children of the people who dreamed up this idea don’t have any problem motivating their OWN kids to get up every morning to go to school and getting there on time?  Why is it that the REST of us have to suffer from a really dumb idea to further hamstring our youth from being the best they can be?  Think about this when this ‘idea’ rears its ugly head in YOUR town!


Ramey, a syndicated columnist and book reviewer lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.  To correspond, drop him an email at  © 2016  Barnstorm Communications.

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