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WASHINGTON, DC - JUNE 13: A black woman marches at the head of the group of members and allies of the LGBTQ community to the White House as part of the Pride and Black Lives Matter movements on June 13, 2020 in Washington, DC. The larger official Pride events have been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic but people still showed up to lend their support for the Black Lives Matter movement following the deaths of George Floyd and Brianna Taylor by police. (Photo by Samuel Corum/Getty Images)

“You had better begin life in a hollow tree and be a man, than begin it in a rented house and be a mere tool, the imitation of a man.”

–Booker T. Washington

            During my days as a juvenile court Probation Officer, I handled a high-risk caseload with many of my clients “on papers” for violent offenses.  The most amazing thing about my job is when I would have clients become crime victims, courtesy of other juveniles.  Oh, my clients were incensed and DEMANDED that the juvenile justice system immediately ‘make them whole’ and place their assailants UNDER the jail or prison.  

            I usually smiled at them and reminded them that they were ON papers with the court for crimes they committed AND were using their lawyers and social workers to push for leniency for THEIR crimes.  Usually, we ended our conversation after I stated the following: “What goes around, eventually, comes around.”


            The Civil Rights Movement started in the church and stayed the non-violent course.  Black Lives Manipulated started in the streets fueled by outside money, anarchy, mayhem, and violence. Many in the Urban Church (which is made up of Blacks, Caucasians, Hispanics and Asians) still strongly support traditional marriage between a man and a woman; shun the sodomite (homosexual) alphabet life style, hold Jesus Christ as Lord, the KJV Bible as the final authority on Christian Doctrine; hard work and entrepreneurship as essential to our future progress and the nuclear family having the final say in the raising of their children.  Black Lives Manipulated–along with Antifa–spout the Marxist, Socialist, Anarchist mantra that runs counter to the Urban Church and plain, KJV biblical teachings.  

There is a HUGE disconnect between Black folk at large and BLM.  The disconnect grew even wider when–in late July or early August—BLM and the Antifa hordes added Bible burning to their arsenal of “Unrest Protest.” 

            All of this “hype” is not new, nor unexpected.  Those of us who believe in and understand Bible Prophecy knew that this unrest was coming, based upon Scripture.  Of course, the chief reason for the unrest—besides trying to undermine President Donald J. Trump—is to oust the church and Christians.  Doubt me?  What institution and group has undergone the most restrictions during the pandemic?  Right!  The church and Christians.  Who has been the most silent over the mistreatment of the church?  Right!  The BLM and Antifa rent-a-mobs.  One preacher during a revival put it this way: “The cities didn’t start burning until the churches were shut down.”  Something worth thinking about.


            I spent a lot of time watching the old Black and White horror movies growing up.  Among my favorites were the old “Frankenstein” series (yes, even the one where Bud Abbot and Lou Costello sent the monster genre up with their meeting with the immortal monster).  As any real monster movie fan knows, Frankenstein—like clockwork—always returned to his point of origin.  He always came back to whomever turned him back on and subsequently destroyed them—and the lab that they ‘resurrected’ the monster in. 

            This same thing is starting to happen with the Black Lives Manipulated forces.  No matter how much George Soros money is pumped into the beast, the people who launched this latest abomination against the American people in general and Black folks in particular are finding out the hard way that the monster always comes home.  Be it with spikes in the Wuhan Virus; businesses and individuals moving to higher ground, or the feds moving in to ‘cherry pick’ the rabble-rousing foot soldiers, the monster WILL come home. 

            Much to the horror of those who sent this beast out in the first place. 

            I have found it highly interesting that the same Democrat Mayors, Prosecutors and Governors who ‘backed’ the play of the rent-a-mobs are ‘concerned’ for the safety of THEIR loved ones and families when the BLM/Antifa hordes show up at THEIR houses in the wee hours of the morning!  Oh, some of the comments that have come from some of these elected but enabling officials when the monster comes marching home! 

            Why haven’t you heard more about the riots? Simple–the ‘mainstream mess’ has quietly stopped covering the mayhem in the streets, providing an ‘illusion’ of calm around the country.  Of course, it DID hurt ‘the cause’ that many people of color sided with other groups of color in the ‘good’ areas when it came to law and order.  The rent-a-mobs were portrayed as the dangerous rioters and radicals that they WERE and not the ‘calm and peaceful’ protesters whom they ‘claimed’ to be. 

The damage continues to be done.  Frankenstein has found his way home. 


            Again, as I mentioned in my earlier column and earlier in this column there are movements that start WITHIN the church, and movements that have started in the streets.  When Black Lives Manipulated and Antifa stated burning Bibles at their ‘demonstrations’ in front of the Portland, Oregon U. S. Courthouse, they crossed the line and invited the wrath of God. 

            There are more than a few sayings that our elders and ancestors had concerning the Lord.   One which prominently comes to mind: “God’s feet are in boots of Brass; they move slow, but they grind fine.”  I would also like to note that AFTER the rent-a-mobs burned those Bibles, it was as if they realized that they had crossed a line that they could not ‘PR Spin’ their way back across.  Their masks of evil and manipulation had fallen off, exposing them to the world as the satanic-controlled spawn that many had suspected they were, from the very beginning. 

            Their obedient cohorts in the Democrat political ranks also started to feel more heat, as  business districts were burned to the ground, their police departments were cut, and the once proud residents of their cities started moving out like I-465 heading north!  Thus, tax revenues—the life’s blood for any government—is being drained away and may not be coming back. 

            The Bible burning episode elicited a collective GASP from much of the country.  Many of those who had never darkened the door of their local church KNEW that what the BLM forces did was wrong.  The hearts of mankind have a God-shaped void built into them.  The human heart instinctively knows when it has ‘stepped over the line’ against the Lord.  Now, there are some hearts that have been so hardened to sin that they have grown cold to the advances of God.  Rest assured though, there is rapidly coming a day when God will set all the books to be opened and he will ask ALL what they did with His Word; His son, Jesus Christ. 


            As many of you and I have had a front-row seat in watching half of America burn, I could not help but to think about what will happen to those who have been manipulated.  Eventually, the ‘players get played’–if I may use a street saying from my youth.  In short, those who seek to intimidate and manipulate others for the sake of money, power or an agenda are often shocked to discover that people can turn around and use their tactics on them.  Further, thanks to the same Internet that carries their 30 pieces of silver to their bank accounts, pictures of the mob ‘in action’ will be online and in front of law enforcement and potential employers for a long time to come. 

            If you follow news sources and the talking heads as I do, once BLM started to be emboldened and drift away from the ‘origin’ of their protests (George Floyd) and move into anarchy, many discovered that there were a sizeable number of residents who were not going to ‘take a knee’ to please them.  As Antifa/BLM started ‘moving uptown’ into the outer reaches of many cities, they found that folks were not going to ‘roll over’ and give up their businesses, homes…or their guns.  I honestly had to chuckle as Antifa/BLM crews that were in favor of getting rid of the cops, were on their cell phones trying to call 911 as they ran head first into some REAL street crime…initiated by the law abiding!   

            Taking to the streets to protest an injustice is one thing.  Taking to the streets to initiate an overthrow of Christians, the church, and God’s Word is quite another.  You see, government and law enforcement are ordained of God.  You go against them and His people through the wrong methods, and you quickly find out that your arms are too short to box with God. 


Mike Ramey is a Minister, syndicated columnist and Modern Street Gangs Consultant who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.  “The Ramey Commentaries” is one of a variety of his written works appearing in cyberspace.  To drop a line—or a whine—the address is still the same:  ©2020 Barnstorm Communications International.   

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