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The Ramey Commentaries: It’s Not Race Relations, It’s Reparations by Mike Ramey

People take part in a rally on April 29, 2015 at Union Square in New York, held in solidarity with demonstrators in Baltimore, Maryland demanding justice for an African-American man who died of severe spinal injuries sustained in police custody. AFP PHOTO/Eduardo Munoz Alvarez (Photo credit should read EDUARDO MUNOZ ALVAREZ/AFP/Getty Images)

Misdirection is a powerful weapon.

We, the people, continue to ‘hear’ that America has a race relations problem.  We’ve heard this during the presidencies of Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43, and lastly, Obama.  Once again, this revelation has surfaced under the Trump presidency, even though the POTUS has made solid strives in reaching out to the Black community.  Meanwhile, the misdirection continues to be screeched by the Mainstream Press (MSM) and visually aided by bought-and-paid for left-leaning, Marxist-fueled groups such as Black Lives Matter (BLM).

What I find amazing, with all of the shadow-dancing about race relations, no one has danced over to the real issue involving African Americans.  That issue is: Reparations.  In case you haven’t heard, Reparations simply means that a racial group is compensated–either by jewels, cash, or land–by those who have wronged them.

Reparations is a biblical principle.  When the Hebrews left Egypt after some 400 years of working for free under slavery, God granted them the right to ‘spoil’ their oppressors–collecting jewels, gold, silver and cash–for their centuries of bondage.  There were no discussions about whether or not the Hebrews earned the money.  There were no white papers and/or study groups formed to look over the issue of the Hebrews’ treatment.  God allowed His people to collect what was due them…period.  (For further study, I suggest that one get a King James Version of the Bible and read the Book of Exodus for the full story).

IF Black Live Matter were really serious about race relations, they would begin a push for reparations for African Americans.  So far, they do not appear to be serious, as they haven’t committed to such a push.  Therefore, there is a disconnect in their thought processes, as they don’t truly understand Black people, nor the Reparations issue as it impacts us.  You see, the dirty little secret in the social mix is the following:  EVERY other race that makes up this nation have been financially compensated for their contributions to America–even when this nation has wronged a race of people.  The Indians, the Chinese, the Japanese, the Jews and other peoples have had Reparations paid to them–except Black folks.

BLM…if you want to be taken seriously, start putting up a fight for Black people to get the monies due them from slavery.   Get on the Reparations train.  It’ll be a ride that you won’t soon forget.  Stop falling for the misdirection from your handlers.

Mike Ramey, a Minister, syndicated columnist and book reviewer lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.  To correspond, drop him an email at  © 2017  Barnstorm Communications.


Lift up Christ and lay the sinner low. –C. H. Spurgeon

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