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     It had been reported years ago that the late Idi Amin Dada Oumee, leader of Uganda, was a major opponent to having homosexuality starting—or spreading—through his nation.  Currently, there are MORE than a few African leaders who have also lined up against the ‘international alphabet mafia’ trying to establish a beachhead in the Motherland.  More on this in a few lines.

      You may not have heard about this, but there is a two front economic war going on in Africa that few in the American mainstream press have bothered to cover.  First off, the checkbook of the Chinese government has firmly been planted in the Motherland through the ‘Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)’ for at least the last ten to fifteen years.  In theory, the BRI was put forth to ‘improve’ road conditions throughout the 54 African nations.  However, there has been a question as to how ‘successful’ these road and infrastructure improvements have been.  According to a few published reports, some of the BRI projects have begun to deteriorate ahead of schedule.

      But wait, there’s more.  Lately, Beijing has been suffering economic woes of its own (thanks to continued problems with the Wuhan Virus and uneasy alliances with Iran, Russia, and North Korea).  It has been reported through the international press that the cash flow of the BRI has been tightened.  Meanwhile, the Chinese government has ‘quietly expanded’ into South America with its BRI offers while keeping payments and exports going with Africa.  It should be noted though, that Beijing has been exporting oil and other resources from African areas where the BRI—and other ‘investment’ programs—have been employed.

      Guess where those ‘resources’ have been going?  Right–back to Beijing.  Meanwhile, African areas where the ‘investments’ have taken place have a lot of debt that has been accumulated—and owed—to the Chinese government.  China doesn’t believe in IOUs—but real estate can be ‘held’ until payments are made.

      That’s the first checkbook.  The second one may surprise you.

      The United States—through both the Obama–and now the Biden administrations—have taken OUR checkbook of taxpayer money to the Motherland, to—get this—advance the cause of homosexuality and transgenderism.  More than a few times, State Department officials have quietly visited various African nations, open checkbook in hand, under the guise of expanding trade.  In reality, these efforts should be considered a Trojan horse: trying to ‘tie’ American aid to the expansion of the ‘alphabet mafia’ into various developing African nations.

      So far, there have been NO published ‘major successes’ of this indoctrination effort by the USA.  However, this is NOT going to stop the ‘red, white and blue’ from trying to force this abomination into Africa. What is shocking about this second checkbook effort is the silence by Black politicians—most of them of the Democrat variety—about it.  Now, it’s bad enough that they have given ‘cover’ to this issue and sin being ‘inserted’ into our various American Black communities by the education, sports, and entertainment coven.  It’s bad enough that the ‘illusion’ and propaganda have been put forth that some American Black men—and now some American Black women—have eagerly embraced homosexuality and its ugly twin transgenderism.   But, to sit idly by while this abominable lifestyle is exported abroad—especially to Africa—shows that it is time for more and more Blacks to wake up and hold their elected officials accountable.

      Black folk: The home you save WILL be your own—both here and abroad.  Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, and act accordingly.


 Mike Ramey is a Retired Gospel Minister, syndicated columnist and Bible Prophecy Specialist living in Indianapolis, Indiana.  “The Quick Scan” is one of a variety of columns appearing and abounding in print and cyberspace, written from a biblical, business, and common-sense perspective since 1996.  To drop him a line—or a whine—the address is still the same:  ©2023 Barnstorm Communications International.




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