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What is Entertainment? (Part 1) by Mr. Free Spirit


A thought came to mind regarding the entertainment industry and the fair and frequent use of the word “entertainment” in this culture. I had to ask myself, “What is entertainment?  Is it an art?

Entertainment can be many things, it can be an experience, as an experience, one can become amused or diverted through performance, or by other means, e.g. a crossword puzzle or some other game, reading books and being a author is also a part of the entertainment world.

The entertainment industry is highly infused by the mass media companies that control the distribution and manufacturing of mass media entertainment. Mass media is often called entertainment media. It is comprised of the film industry, including film studios, movie theaters/cinemas, film scores; broadcasting systems, including television, radio, and podcast; the music industry, including record labels, music video cooking shows, book fairs and art showings. Then there are the theme parks; discotheques; new media, including web television and web radio; and the fashion industry. This is too large to complete it all at one time, therefore I will make it a series that hopefully satisfy your taste buds.

First, Books

There are many different types of traditional live entertainment industries including the circus, musical theatre, performance art, comedy, sports (yes sports!), and concerts. There is also the music industry, which is comprised of composers and songwriters, orchestras, and concert halls. And lastly, within the traditional live entertainment, there’s exhibition entertainment including amusement parks, funfairs, themed retail, and trade shows.

The latest industry and fastest growing sector of entertainment to emerge is electronic entertainment, aka digital entertainment today. This industry includes video games, and SMS content, including music, books, movies, television, radio, internet, video games channeled through cell phones, smart phones, iPads, and other mobile communication systems.

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