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When A Lie Burns On Your Street by Mike Ramey


Several times a year it seems, the mainstream press (MSM) manages to illustrate its double-mindedness when it comes to the subject of male and female relationships.  ‘The agenda’–if I may state it plainly–is to continue to challenge God’s definition of men and women/boys and girls–THEN celebrate traditional marriage and relationships when it comes time to make money in the selling of commercial time and ad space.

God created male and female.  The MSM is NOT satisfied with His creation, and comes up with newer and more creative ways to try to circumvent His Word, and replace it with their own version of utopia.  Unfortunately, every time the MSM and the social engineers ‘tinker’ with the obvious, they wind up with egg on their faces.

They never seem to want to learn from their mistakes.

Not that long ago, popular magazines ‘created’ some media buzz by putting a feminine-looking white male on its cover.  A few weeks after this, one of my local TV stations aired a story where a Black girl was featured, dressing up in shoulder pads and a helmet to play pee-wee football with Black boys.  To add further insult to injury, the coach of the team said on camera that the girl was tackling just as ‘good’ as the boys.

Moral to the coach’s remarks:  When one sets their desire to win higher than their  common sense, they tend to lose in more ways than one.  There have been more than a few lawsuits filed by angry parents, when Suzy discovers the ‘fun’ of being crushed by a male linebacker.  Coach, lawsuits are NEVER fun…but I digress.

You may think that I am making too much of this.  After all, doesn’t the NFL and other sports teams wear pink to ‘support’ women’s causes?  What’s the harm?  Plenty!  In the quest of our society and MSM to destroy the male image by uplifting the female image, in Black and Hispanic circles, they are re-writing biology in order to get people of color to believe a lie.  Why communities of color?  Because these are the communities that STILL maintain that Father is head of his home, and Mother is to follow his lead!  The unfortunate side-effect from this dangerous brand of social engineering–often WHITE families get burned with the same blowtorch.

Picture a house on fire at the end of a street.  Family A–at the OTHER end of the street–may observe the fire and feel no threat from the blaze, because its taking place in someone else’s home far, far away from them.  However, if the fire department doesn’t arrive, the fire can quickly spread, eventually reaching the house next door to Family A.  How fast will Family A call the fire department–NOW?  Pretty darn quick.  That ‘far away’ threat is now an ‘up close and personal’ threat, chewing at THEIR safety and security.

This is how the lie of Same Sex, or Sodomite marriage began.  Destroy the male and female image as God has created them from the beginning; put a little social engineering spin on the lie, and throw it home aided by the MSM, education, sports and entertainment cartel and presto–more warped people who think that they are living in safety while a fire concerning harmful sexual practices is destroying someone else’s family down the street.

Many traditional families not only still exist, THEY have taken to fighting the social arsonists where they find them.  A host of US Corporations who support homosexual AND transsexual issues, have found out that many do not support their views, and have been taking their money and business elsewhere.  These corporations have not been faring well on their balance sheets, of late.  More and more of these companies have been rejected by God-fearing people.  As a result, profits at these companies are down, layoffs are up, and projects that they have been supporting have ‘mysteriously’ been stopped cold.

Even the National Football League is starting to get the message.  Coming off of a dismal 2016 season which saw the league lose between 40 to 45 percent of viewership.  The league also, in 2016, decided to ditch the pink ribbon campaigns–which have also been a revenue loser for the league for the last five years.  Have they learned the lesson yet?  No.  NOW the league trying to meddle in the ‘transsexual’ bathroom issue by threatening to ‘take away’ sporting events from states that create law against this abomination.  The Governor of Texas–not one used to being threatened by outsiders, politely but firmly let the NFL know that they won’t be ‘bowing’ before them, nor quaking in fear.  Texas WILL pass laws good for Texans…NOT to please a sports league.

The moral of the story?  Whenever an individual, group or business chooses to believe and support a lie when the truth is plainly obvious in God’s word, they are doomed to pay a penalty far more costly than they may think for their arrogance and stupidity.  And…when it happens, don’t come crying to the public about your humiliation!

Ramey, a Minister, syndicated columnist and book reviewer lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.  To correspond, drop him an email at  © 2017  Barnstorm Communications.



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