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Here I am!!!!

Mr. Free Spirit is working on many things, here is one:  The British Virgin Island (BVI) trip for 2019.

The best things in life are not things, they are the memories you will have of the 2017 BVI reunion.

Some people are thirsting to do another yacht trip to the British Virgin Islands (BVI). I was contacted to see if this thirst was spreading or just a local group. The reunion trip of 2017 was more then fantastic, the memories will last forever, meeting new people and watching Black people uncover the unexplored within our communities. As you may already know 2 major hurricanes’ hit the islands subsequent to our departure and destruction was massive. The rebuilding of may structures is still occurring.

July 6 2019, some people are planning to return to BVI and enjoy the pleasure of another yacht adventure.

Reviewing some of the pictures bring back some awesome memories, the newbies were wide eyed and those with experience from past trips were in bliss explaining the wonders of both yachting and BVI. The parties were endless, and people of past trips looked for old friends, while the newbies found new friends. The 2017 reunion is gone, however the education of Black people in a yachting environment needs to continue.

The only way to continue the yachting experience within our communities is to rebuild the experience as they rebuild the BVI. We as a race cannot continue to be shallow based of a lack of knowledge. Experience will afford us expansion based on knowledge gained. As I write about many facets of retirement, yachting is something that be enjoyed at anytime in life, not just retirement.

Click here to look at the pictures of past trips and decide about 2019, is this something that you find interesting?  Drop us a line.

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