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Nationally Acclaimed Author and Columnist Releases New Book About Spousal Caregivers


The latest book in what Jim Clingman calls his “Inspirational Collection,” is sure to be one of, if not the best-selling book among the nine he has written.  Titled, In Sickness and in Health – A Tribute to Spousal Caregivers, Clingman’s personal writing, along with contributions from eight other writers, touch the heart in a very special way—through a very special and sometimes neglected message.  It addresses the question: “Who cares for the caregiver?”

Written by spousal caregivers, In Sickness and in Health – A Tribute to Spousal Caregivers, speaks to all caregivers and those who receive care as well.  It is also germane even to those who have neither needed nor provided care to another person.

In the words of John Davis Marshall, author and spiritual teacher, “This book is a realistic reference guide to comfort and strengthen those who are caregivers and those who are receiving care. It is also must-read for those who have not needed it (before they need it), for those who need it, for those who have not given it (before they need to give it). I strongly encourage you to explore this groundbreaking book. The author steps into the gap and speaks openly about what illness does to the relationships within families.”

Along with his two previous titles, Fathers and Daughters and First, You Cry, the ground-breaking, In Sickness and in Health, is destined to take its place on coffee tables and bookshelves throughout the nation and beyond.  Already being ordered in bulk for study groups and marriage ministries at various churches, this latest book is empowering and presents a refreshing view on life.

Clingman has written five other books on Economic Empowerment but takes tremendous pride in his latest offering.  He says, “My writing is a major part of the legacy I will leave behind for my family and anyone else who wants to read it. Although they may never reach the ‘Best Seller’ level, I will be content to have my books be noted among the ‘Best Written.’”

Read more about Jim Clingman on his website:, where you can also purchase his personally signed books (Generous discount for bulk orders of ten or more); they are available on Amazon as well.  He is also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and is featured in dozens of videos on You Tube.   

Click here to purchase this book.


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