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New Columnist: Masculine Energy of the Alpha Transformed by Chime

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Angry Black Man

Part I. of the Multilayered M.E.A.T. Sandwich

March 23, 2016

By Chime

Aggression is something we experience when frustration becomes an insurmountable wall, we feel we can no longer defeat. As a whole, our society has been privy as front row witness to the negative effects of feminism, as well as the reality, which has stemmed from its first planted seeds. As a young lady, I write this because; I do not like the results of the actions by what has been at times, an organized affront, a chaotic confrontation, weaving Man, as well as his importance, out of the fabric of family.

By all accounts, it is my view that man is the vertebrae of familial structure. It’s true that, without Mama, none of us would be. Still, if not for Papa, where would mother and child(ren )be? Well, actually where many are today. In this postmodern era, women folk, the feminist of this nation, and perhaps abroad, have usurped the importance of a paternal role model, and mentor, along with our vital need for him. It’s come to be replaced with a shallow, and what I feel, banal misrepresentation, of what it means to be a strong (stronger than needed) woman. We’ve exchanged male role models of yesteryear, with bling flashing hip hop moguls, poster boy athletes, media crazed ballers, that trade in their dignity for quick and easy dollars and popularity.

We glorify greed and gluttony instead of generosity and gratitude. There is much to be desired. Bill Cosby is no longer a role model many feel comfortable recollecting as, the first modern black man to encompass multiple hit T.V., for four decades solid. (He has been dethroned.) The great multiracial hope, who we all quickly refer to as, our first black president (He’s not. Please do your research.) has not come through for us minorities like we thought he could, or even prayed that he would. He, like the presidential rest of them, have left us in an overall worse state than when he entered office. There’s a scant serving of; untarnished, clean, cohesive, positive male figures, let alone – black men – which capture our collective attention in this; fast paced, high resolution, media intense 2016 world.

bill cosby charged

The apparent effect of repetitively; castigating, stigmatizing and branding men as; bad, offensive, unnecessary and worthless, has lead us to a mire of confusion and destruction as a whole. I hate to be the one to break it to you, but ladies; we really need Men. Better put, we don’t just need men, we need to encourage all men, to be better, and appreciate them through their, transitional process. It’s our duty, as well as obligation, to let our men know: They always have and still play a crucial part to our best growth and development – as well as our family, our future sons and daughters success. It’s been said that, you can catch more flies with honey. So let us try. It’s odd how often times, it’s easier to complain and disparage our brothers, while demanding equal opportunity in all aspects of life. Does this make sense? We need to take responsibility for being the invitee to our government to subsidize good men out of our lives, and replace them with a rebate check or social welfare system.

Welfare SnapBlack Family 3

We need to take ownership for downplaying the Gary Johnson’s, Lennon Honors, Delbert Blair’s and Dick Gregory’s of our lifetimes, while pimping and re-pimping the same trending athletes, “urban” labeled rappers, and multi-talented crossover douches, as well as, ALL other bling infested cheese balls who truly misrepresent the complexity of us, and our continued plight. It’s time to recreate and cultivate anew, all black men, as well as men of every ancestry and diversity. Let’s motivate, inspire, & appreciate instead of- tear down, disassociate and degrade our fathers, brothers and partners. We need to work together to grow and manifest hearts of compassion and the over-standing to unite as one. Men and women need to build bridges to fill voids and gaps. Two parts form the greater whole, Sugar Pie. You know, it’s been said, it’s easier to catch more flies, with honey.

And so we shall continue~


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  1. This article was a real eye opener for me. I very much enjoyed this heartfelt, straight from the gut and soul, writing from Chime. Very thought provoking!

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