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Once in a Lifetime: Equally Yoked by Chime



By Chime

I could’ve called this shit years ago… Still, as their brood grew, and while challenging times came and went, I thought maybe Brangelina could be true love…or Hollywood’s version of something like it.

In the words of David Byrne singing, “Once in a Lifetime,” of Talking Heads fame, the lines: “You may find yourself, in a beautiful house, with a beautiful wife, and you may ask yourself, “Well, how did I get here?”

So, how did Brad Pitt or anyone in a predicament such as he, get to the inevitable, soon-to-be scorching place of the D word? Divorce.

While most will never be sure of all the reasons for divorce; It comes down to two more ‘D’ words: Disharmony and Disillusionment. Disharmony can occur in even the best of unions. The difference is, usually it doesn’t completely rear its despicable head… It only may threaten to for a time. It makes cameos and takes starring roles most often, when two have ended just as they began- Unequally yoked. Disillusion is the close second which airs as part the pair with Disharmony… Disillusion resembles a glazed over stare, one that echoes, “How did I get here?”

What does it mean to be, equally yoked? It means to be Co-signed, Sealed and Delivered; to Love, by Love and ~ Because of LOVE. It’s a fulfilling dedication and a lively action simultaneously. It is the being relaxed and carefree in an intense love that’s known; highs, lows and everything in between! Being equally yoked, one realizes: Life brings pitfalls. (OK, ha ha ha, a lil’ pun intended.) However, it’s the dedication and wanted obligation, the responsibility to see something -and- someone, Your chosen special someone…through. The love of the equally yoked, is the kind of love we now only barely read about, as it’s nuance seems more of a yesteryear thing in our days of; 50 Shades, Ashley Madison and 31 Flavors (and more) of dating.

Equally Yoked Unions are the ones that usually are known for their impressive longevity, as well as the inescapable sincerity on the part of the two in one union. It is in fact, when two fuse as one, moving in a forward direction, with the same ultimate goal in mind: To live through whatever life throws them as a unified force, as an unwavering team.

You know, I’ve always had a fond amazement for elderly, long married couples whom still sing the praises of each other, having chosen a life together. They impress me with their shard; respect, affection, grace and simplicity after many shared years united. They are the ones that live together and sometime, die together (-or shortly thereafter one of them does). Those of us left behind are left wondering if the will to live withered immediately or, shortly after due to missing their beloved partner, who recently became, in absentia.

As a single young lady, I’ve yearned for this kind of love… the kind of love that’s literally all or nothing. As a romantic, I’ve truly longed for the kind of romance where someone’s heart, my own or theirs, fails to want to beat another moment, without the cherished Beloved. Today, it’s a sign of these harsh, uncertain and wavering times where we see far less (traditionally feminine) women look up to their (traditionally masculine) men. They are not known to appreciate and praise them for being good and decent fellows, moreover, gentlemen.  So this, along with the meddling propaganda and media’s motives of misandry and the plague of feminism, have littered a shared landscape with lack and less… much less than what our traditionally married grandparents and perhaps, ancestors could have once known at least for a time, if not a lifetime. By this I mean, a “Once in a Lifetime Love,” and if fortunate, a love also, that is “Is, Was, and Always shall be through life and death ~ Equally Yoked.


About the Author: Chime is a young, traditionally feminine lady writer, Podcast Hostess and Co-founder of @befit4peace. She is the Creator of M.E.A.T.  As counselor, she provides a healthy measure of inspiration and empowerment, advocating her clientele.  Chime is a men’s rights supporter whom revels in being the thought provoker.  She is all about substance and seasoning to taste, as salt is to the earth.  As a native of the Mid-Atlantic region, Chime finds herself cheerfully acclimating to the southern, sunny shores of the U.S.

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