Ramey’s Guide to Elective Office for Men (9) by Mike Ramey


Before we get into the last part of this series, I wanted to inject a few things which surfaced before I made the decision of putting this column to bed and shipping it out.

     I happened to have a recent conversation with a veteran Minister.  His attitude towards Ministers and regular Christians being involved in politics?  Not very supportive.  He believes that Christians in general, and Ministers (Pastors included) should stay out of the political arena.  Yes, we should vote, but we should not seek to ‘venture out’ into this mission field in order to have impact upon the society in which we live.  However, other Pastors and ministries not only encourage Christian political involvement, in their view there is a wonder why MORE Christians are not involved in local, state and even national politics.

     Lord knows, we can use some righteous men involved in the political system. 

    What we have currently emerging from many of our state houses, governor’s mansions and the nation’s capital thus far has been less than ideal, and downright hostile towards Christians and Churches.  Further, the pestilence of the Wuhan Virus has allowed the ‘mask’ of government to ‘slip’, leaving exposed a number of the unrighteous who are determined to shut down the church, end individual liberties, and place this nation of the free and the brave in chains.  Lastly, one of the other things that I have come across is a ‘general sentiment’ that politics is ‘too dirty a business’ for Christians and the Church to be involved in. 

     The KJV Bible holds that Christians should be ‘salt and light’.  It is high time that we—as Christians–stopped running away from the ‘negatives’ of serving in the mission fields that have the most impact on society and get back to our posts.  It is time for our urban (and other) churches to ‘shelve’ the social concerns committees and get back to training Christians on what the KJV Bible says are our political responsibilities.

     Elected officials of ANY impact are made in the pews and pulpits of churches.

    We—as Christian men–have spent so much time on the run from the fields of politics, media, and technology that we have abandoned them to the pagans of our world.  Especially pagan women.

     How do you like what the pagans have done with society?  Does it feel good to have abandoned places which God has ordained for His people to change by His word and their presence run by those who are wicked in His sight?

     It is high time that Christians realize that politics is a Mission Field, just like going overseas, or heading down into the urban environs.  If we want better government, we need to send in better people whom God has firmly under His control.


     As I mentioned in my last column:  If it is your season to get in, you get in.  If you do not, you do not.  But let us say–just for the sake of argument–that the electorate has spoken very clearly.  The votes are counted, the results certified…and you have WON!

     What do you do now, hotshot?

     This may sound like a replay, but it is still true.  Election successes and failures have many different reasons and causes.  It all boils down to who gets their base out to the polls to vote for their candidates.  IF the candidate has done their job, and have ‘made the rounds’ with the people and have inspired them to vote, they stand a good chance of getting in.

     You’ve done all that you–and the Lord–has instructed you to do, and you have emerged from the field of battle with a victory!  Now, before we go down the list of what you should–and should not do–I’ll leave you with this piece of wisdom: “Gracious in defeat; humble in victory.”

     It does hurt to lose.  You’ll have to read my last column on that subject.  This column is dedicated to those who are now the winners…the brothers who made it to the top of the mountain, following the Lord’s lead, and the people whom have been sent to him to ensure victory.


     During the recent round of elections, I observed several offices that went begging because candidates could not be found to run for those offices.  Some of them were for the local School Board.  Others were for various political posts of the two parties.

     I have heard from more than a few people that the schools need more Christian influence.  What better place to understand what Christians (and others) go through IN the public schools than a seat on the local School Board.  The ONLY reason we have such silliness in our schools is because Christians have been led to believe that they can’t make a difference in the marketplace.  Further, churches which run their OWN schools have made quite a bundle playing off of the fears of other Christians (including their church members) by rushing their children into Christian (or other private) schools.

     I hate to say this, but NOT every child belongs in a private, religious or charter school.  We ALL pay taxes for public education.  We do NOT get that tax money back as a ‘refund’ as a society IF the public schools fail at their jobs.  Therefore, it is UP to men and women to make sure that their public schools are doing their job—educating NOT indoctrinating students.  This simply means that there needs to be more men—especially Christian men—serving on School Boards when the opportunity presents itself.

     Now, don’t get me wrong.  There is nothing wrong with homeschooling or sending your kids to a private, parochial, or charter school.  Different strokes for different folks.  However, IF more churches had regular evangelism courses as a part of their Christian education component, there would be MORE Christians equipped to enter the public square.  There would be MORE salt and light in our society and there would be changes. I’ll be bold at this point.  It may take a while for us to ‘see’ such changes…but they would eventually arrive. 

      Christian men need to step up and ‘fill in’ those blanks on the ballot and get involved (Romans 13:1-7 KJV).  IF your church, or fellow Christians will NOT support your vision, then it is time to find a new church, and some new Christian friends.  IF you need help in running for any office, there is plenty of material on line–even from Christian organizations.  Let me add this proviso:  You would do MORE to volunteer to work in your local political party at the polls, rather than shelling out thousands of dollars (that many of us do not have) to get a ‘course’ in local politics.

     Yes, all politics is STILL local.

     The world and the devil know that they cannot push ALL Christians out of the public square.  Their game plan in the present (and it has worked really well) is to ‘frustrate’ Christians into quitting or, ‘bumping us’ out by illegal means.  Of course, lawsuits are the answer to the second part of this equation—but the objective has been reached.

     I may as well add this in for good measure.  Christian men have been tricked into abandoning their leadership of society, just as they have (in many cases) been duped into abandoning their leadership in the church.  All of this stems from some Christian men being hoodwinked into abandoning headship of the home. 

     I’ll have more to say on this later.

    Good old grit and perseverance, led by prayer and KJV Bible study will do wonders to keep you on track to reach the position God has in mind for you, for His glory.

     Here is one more reason for Christian involvement in the public schools.  Our tax money still heads there, whether we go to Christian schools or not.  It makes more sense to me to keep people accountable as to how they use YOUR tax money.

     I’m happy to say that I’m a product of public education, when going to a public school actually MEANT a good education.  Plus, I have worked in a variety of great public schools over the years as a teacher. 

     Here’s what I have learned in both experiences.

     It is still up to the individual student to achieve and succeed.  It is still up to the individual teacher to make sure that students (who want to) get their lessons and grow into useful and productive members of society. 

     And yes, even future teachers.


     Thank those who worked for you along with those who voted for you whenever possible.  It may take several months to do it, but get it done.

     One of the sage pieces of advice I picked up during my times in politics is that candidates should vote absentee and spend Election Day visiting the various polling places to ‘thank the troops’.  A handshake here, a box of treats for the poll workers, and a few kind words for the volunteers works wonders for future political efforts.  Also, it shows potential future candidates how to do things the right way and stay classy—especially after a rough campaign season.  Another note:  IF you see young men who seem to have the aptitude for politics, take them under your wing and encourage them.

     To continue.  Don’t forget to send out thank you notes to those in the party who sponsored your campaign and encouraged your run for office.  This is the classy thing to do, and will have long lasting benefits, should you decide to either run for re-election, or, if the Lord has you run for higher office.  Also, send some kind words to your opponent, no matter how much you did not agree with him/her.  Voters like this.  Sure, some campaigns won’t bother to acknowledge your efforts.  You, though…DO know the truth.


     One of my favorite movies is “Mr. Lucky”, featuring Cary Grant (1943).  During one series of scenes with co-star Laraine Day, Grant’s character teaches Day’s character about Australian rhyming slang, featuring one term ‘North and South’ for ‘mouth’.

     I would advise the winners to keep tight rein over their ‘North and South’ far before they take office.  Assume ALL microphones are on, and be aware of your use of social media and Iphone recordings.  I trust that some may have had this advice ‘lent’ to them by party officials and media friends.  However, as we have seen in this video age, some people do not seem to get the message that there IS a reason why we have two ears and one mouth.

     I have witnessed the need for mouth monitoring in some campaigns…especially while the potential office holder is on the campaign trail and does not have the job–just yet.

     Watch making comments on things above—or below—your pay grade. 

     Not only for the sake of others, but for your own.  Why?  Because ‘crow’ eaten cold has a nasty taste.  Can I get a witness?  Amen?

     How many times have elected officials gotten ‘tagged’ by reporters, asking them for comments on ‘this’ issue or ‘that’ public official which has nothing to do with their campaign?  (To be fair, as one who has covered many a political race I’ve asked such ‘hot button’ questions to candidates  You would be amazed at how many answer without thinking after they have won their contest).

     A major suggestion for you, brothers…there is NOTHING wrong with using the old staple ‘no comment’.  You do NOT have to answer a reporter’s questions.  Freedom of the press does NOT automatically mean that you MUST answer any questions from a member of ‘the fourth estate’.  Better yet, you’ll win some respect from the voting public if you let a reporter know that the misfortunes of another have NOTHING to do with your race and that we all deserve some forgiveness and mercy—even over the actions of our spouses and children.

     Even IF the other side plays rough and dirty.

     To aid the victor, a little poem that I picked up years ago: “Be careful of the words you use; be sure to keep them soft and sweet.  For you never know, from day to day, which words you’ll have to EAT!”  I don’t know where I got this little ditty, but it still packs a punch years later.  I pass it on to the next generation of brothers who will make their entry into the political arena.


     Brothers, I might as well make it plain.  We’ve seen far too much destruction caused in our country by women who seek to rule as queens, rather than public servants.  Again, the Wuhan Virus pandemic has provided an up-close view of what happens when the wrong types of women get involved in the political arena, whether it be as office holders or heading political parties.  We have been ‘fed’ the lie that ‘more women in politics and leadership roles in governments’ would make for a better world.


     Take a good look around the world, brothers.  There are women who are in charge of nations who are taking their people down the wrong path.  Many of these female leaders are pro-abortion, anti-church, anti-God and anti-family.  Many of them are just as lethal as their male counterparts.  What of America?  More of the same, unfortunately.  The ‘shrew’ has emerged as the leadership model for many political women.  We’ve seen elected Democrat women on talk shows talking about ‘what giant killers’ they are, how strong they are and flexing their ‘political muscles’—the same thing that liberal women have said are negatives in men.

     Then, these same ‘strong’ women complain that their daughters (or they themselves if they are single) can NOT find any ‘good men’.  ‘Good men’ are the buzz words for ‘rich’ men who will let them do what THEY want to do, with minimal oversight.

    We’ve seen a wave of female mayors, governors, state lawmakers and federal elected officials who have not been up to snuff; with behaviors that would make a sailor blush and head for the tall grass.

     I’ve got news for you.  Any woman who is pro-Abortion, anti-church, anti-God, anti-Israel, and anti-Bible is not a woman worthy of public office.  Any woman who is selected FOR public office ahead of or over capable men is an insult to manhood—even IF men do the selecting.  In fact, IF a woman will not listen to her OWN husband, what qualifies her to stand for public office (Proverbs 31) in the first place?

     Brothers, it is time to step up our leadership game and get back into politics.

     We’ve abdicated our social leadership roles as Christian men to others, for far too long.  Yes, it is going to be brutal for a season, but the right MEN for the job will surface and be victorious!  Then, this modern age will see what Christian men can do, in service to our Lord, and our society.  There is a mission field out there, ripe for the harvest.  Who will go for us?  What men will stand up and be counted?  A nation truly is in the balance.

     Let me end with this.  God is not looking for perfect men to serve in the public square.  He IS looking for those who are WILLING to undergo the training, sacrifice, and prayerful guidance to get the task done.  He’ll train them.  All THEY have to do is pray up, line up, show up and get to work!

     Where does the church fit in?  Simple.  The church needs to get back to training her members for service in the public square.  Preaching is one thing.  There ARE Christians who are already in public office who would be more than happy to teach a class on the Constitution, or Political Science from a biblical perspective in their OWN churches–IF their pastors would shelve their egos and ask them to do so.

     All it takes is for some brave Pastors to get back on the wall and reach out to their men to be men.  Retreats, workshops, and visiting preachers does little to reach the men of the church.  It takes those preachers and pastors who ARE real men of God, to get back to socializing with and training the men of the church to do their duty in leading the home and society.  The best form of teaching to reach men IN the church comes from leading men IN the church by their public AND home lives.

     Politics is a Mission Field.  The fields are white for the harvest.

     Mike Ramey is a Minister, Modern Street Gangs Specialist, Political Consultant and Syndicated Columnist who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.  “Ramey‘s Guide To Elective Office For Men” is one of a variety of columns that Ramey has in cyberspace.  His address is still the same:  ©2019, 2020  Barnstorm Communications.  (9)

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