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Slidin’ Biden by Christopher Johnson


Joe Biden is the weakest candidate in the field to beat Donald Trump despite what the polls and mainstream talking heads are telling you. I’m not exaggerating.  I think Amy Klobuchar has a better chance of beating Donald Trump than Joe Biden at this point and anyone who is not getting a cushy six-figure salary can see why.

Not only is it the obvious cognitive decline described as “gaffes” by the media, but his polices and strategy are all straight out of the Hillary Clinton playbook. Running on Barak Obama’s legacy when it’s convenient, constantly forgetting names and facts, he talked about how he and Obama didn’t put children in cages which is false.

So he was either lying and thought the public didn’t know, or he forgot. Either one is problematic but if you listen to MSNBC it was just a lovable gaffe. During the last debate he went on an incoherent rant about “record players” when asked to defended some questionable comments on race relations.  A recent video has surfaced about a long pointless story of Biden confronting a gangster at a pool named “Corn Pop.” Contrast this to Bernie Sanders going around the country holding town halls hearing peoples personal stories about their medical debt while pushing “medicare for all,” to end medical bankruptcy in America.

Biden’s campaign is an embarrassment and anyone promoting this narrative that he is the most “electable” candidate shouldn’t be working in politics. I would bet everything I own that if Joe Biden is the candidate Donald Trump wins by a landslide. It will be an “ass whooping” like we have never seen.

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I am the youngest columnist on this website.  When I say young, I mean young.  I started in this business interviewing celebrities when I was 10-years old.  I took a sabbatical to finish high school.  After high school, I got back into the business and did some part-time work interviewing athletes and celebrities.  I bring the Millennial perspective to the website.  I comment on sports, politics, current events and I write movie reviews.  Click here to visit my Archives Page.

I’m also the co-host of The Legends of Inside Sports,” (YouTube) with legendary DC radio sports broadcaster and TV host Harold BellIn my spare time I am the Lead Guitarist for a band called The Courtland ExperimentYou can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram.


My dark horse candidate is picking up some steam as Andrew Yang has eclipsed Kamala Harris and Mayor Pete is some national polls. Similar to Bernie the mainstream media treats Yang either with disdain or as a joke if they decide to cover him at all and I think that’s helping him. When the media is so adversarial to certain candidates then people get a sense they actual might threaten the status quo which is what the American people are desperate for so much that some even turned to Trump who promised change while Hillary offered nothing. Yang offers an outside voice with a very unique platform centered around his Freedom Dividend which would give every American over 18 $1000 a month the only condition is you have to choose between that and welfare. His campaign may sound like a gimmick but his ideas are very forward thinking and libertarian in nature. I don’t agree with Yang on some issues but It is refreshing to have a real outside perspective in a field of career politicians. I think people are still underestimating Yang’s ability to reach across the aisle and secure conservative support. His platform focuses heavily on helping those factory workers in middle America deal with automation and those are the votes you are going to need to beat Trump. So yes the #YangGang is the real deal and after Biden goes down in flames I predict Yang will continue to hang around Bernie and Warren as a wildcard.

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