All Aboard The Titanic–Your Captain Is Joe Biden by Christopher Johnson


The Biden administration will not be enjoying a honeymoon period with activists and voters as COVID-19 has people desperate for relief, fresh off the heels of the disaster that was the Trump administration.

Biden and the Democrats have a unique opportunity to capitalize on this unprecedented moment in history by enacting policies that are overwhelmingly popular. The biggest example would be addressing the issue of healthcare during a deadly global pandemic. Unfortunately, Biden who previously said he would veto Medicare for All if it got to his desk, also lifted his new healthcare policy from insurance lobbyists according to reporting from the dailyposter.com.

Also it seems Joe Biden has abandoned his campaign promise of pursuing a public option to add to Obamacare. Broken campaign promises are an early trend of the Biden administration who promised the voters of Georgia and America as a whole if they were delivered the Senate that Biden would immediately send out critically needed COVID relief survival checks. The voters of Georgia delivered that victory and now those $2000 dollar checks have shrunk to $1400. They now seem to want to subtract the $600 dollar relief check delivered by President Trump for reasons that are unclear. A move that is already getting widespread backlash by progressive activists.

Minorities and young people helped deliver Biden to the White House but his lack of any Bernie Sanders supporters in his administration along with decisions like appointing Mayor Pete to head the Department of Transportation and Tom Vilsack to run USDA are clear betrayals to those two voter bases. Tom Vilsack in particular is a slap in the face to the Black Farmer community as his nomination is being fiercely opposed by The Coalition of Black Farmers and various Black Farmer organizations for a history of perpetuating racially discriminatory policies. This back to business as usual in Washington politics approach is going to be catastrophic in the face of this deadly pandemic and civil unrest. Biden must realize going back to business as usual are the conditions that gave rise to Donald Trump and his Neo-Fascism. If we are to avoid the next right wing demagogue, Biden must be pressured to enact a bold agenda for the people. They must treat COVID relief with the same urgency Mitch McConnell aka Senator Palpatine pushed through a Supreme Court Justice just days before an election. If they don’t, the Democrats will be wiped out in the midterms just as they were under President Obama.

People are paying attention and all signs point to disappointment. As the great football coach Dennis Green said, “They are who we thought they were.” Biden has surrounded himself with corporatist, warmongers, and the same people who made the decisions that led us into a lot of problems we are facing now. It’s our job to not let them off the hook. If things keep going this direction there will be pitchforks in the street and a shared hate of our government is going to be what unites America.

For more background information click on this link:

Black Farmers, Civil Rights Advocates Seething over Vilsack Pick

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