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Still Hot – “Blackout: My 40 Years In The Music Business” by Paul Porter


It’s 2018 and one of the hottest books in 2017 has not tapered off one bit.  In fact, Paul Porter is going for a record in book sales.  Over the years, Black Men In has received thousands of books from publishers.  During that time period, we’ve only endorsed two books.  “Blackout:  My 40 Years In The Music Industry” by Paul Porter is our third endorsement.  Folks, this is a must read book according to our Founder & Publisher Gary Johnson (watch his endorsement below).

Paul Porter has been a force in radio, music and television for four decades. His deep, seductive voice has resonated on the airwaves of many of the nation’s top-rated radio stations, and he spent 10 years at BET as Program Director, consultant and on-air talent. Paul’s expertise and activism have established him as a thought leader in the radio and music industry, and he is often sought out by major media outlets including CNN, Entertainment Tonight, MSNBC and FOX News to comment on music, culture and race.

Read below to learn more about Blackout in Paul Porter’s own words:

Blackout is about how the digital age in the mid-90s exposed radio stations that frequently lied about how often they were playing the songs they were being paid by record labels to play; it’s about how the golden age of the trained broadcaster was soon replaced with interns, DJs and mixers who, for years, had been silent in the booth. Blackout explores how radio has become one of the few media outlets where salaries have plunged as profits have skyrocketed. And Blackout will break down the shake-ups that will be happening very shortly. Much like Alan Freed’s payola trials in the 50s, and the pay-for-play scandals involving music men like Clive Davis in the 70s, the music industry is on the cusp of another huge investigation and many of the major players in the music industry may find themselves unemployed, at best and possibly, in prison.

And in many ways, Blackout is my story. Since 1976, when the busing riots in Boston sent me scrambling into the radio station at WRBB at Northeastern University, the music industry has been my life. During my very first stint in radio, I was Paul “Pure Love” Porter from midnight to three AM and I fell in love with the medium of radio and the impact I had on my community.

Radio introduced me to women. Radio introduced me to cocaine. Radio introduced me to some of my best friends. And radio killed some of them too. Blackout is a ride through my whirlwind of media jobs, working for and with some of the most colorful, well-known and scandalous players in the music industry.

I know that radio and video are influential in shaping young minds. And my experiences have changed my outlook. “Morality is not an option” is now my mantra. And there are people out there who won’t buy it. They’ll think I’m writing this book for revenge or just to make a buck. That’s fine. I can live with that. I can’t live with what’s become of the music industry. I’m partly responsible for bringing it to the depths it’s sunk to today. But I can also be responsible for exposing the ugliness and peeling back the layers for everyone to see.

Here’s a sample of what people are saying about Paul Porter and “Blackout:  My 40 Years In The Music Business:

“Paul Porter is a guru ,visionary and has led a Forrest Gump-James Bond life in the blackback hidden world of technologies, culture and communications. Follow his timeline in BLACKOUT and it will explain TRULY why things are the way they are. Pay attention!”

Chuck D, Public Enemy-Prophets Of Rage

“Paul Porter has been the mellifluous voice of Black music as a host on BET, its most loving critic and its most passionate advocate. His long history in the music and entertainment business makes him the ideal guide through the sometimes treacherous history of an industry where corporate executives and radio conglomerates wield enormous power over artists, and often abuse or fail them. Blackout is essential reading for anyone who cares about the history and future of African-Americans in the multi-billion dollar music industry.”

Joy-Ann Reid, host of “AM Joy” on MSNBC

“In his book BLACKOUT: My 40 Years In The Music Business, industry veteran Paul Porter shares his compelling personal story about how the music industry REALLY operates.  He brings us inside the music industry’s “sausage factory” to reveal the dark and troubling reality of the business that very few people get to see.  But Porter’s exposé also offers an enlightening message of hope for the music industry and for its broader impact on our culture.  It is a must-read for anyone who loves, or is critical of, the business of music in America.”

Tim Winter, President, Parents Television Council

Rock Newman, TV Show Host and Activist

Paul Porter, your wisdom, support and guidance in 2013 was invaluable as I was attempting to launch the Rock Newman Show. I’ll never forget and I strongly recommend BLACKOUT as a MUST READ!”

About The Author

Paul Porter is the founder Rap Rehab which is comprised of a consortium of industry leaders and media professionals whose broad range of experiences offer unique benefits to their clients.

Paul Porter has served as a Program Director and talent for BET; consulted for AOL Music, the NBA and Sound Exchange; and negotiated licensing deals with Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, Good Morning America and ESPN. As an expert in the music business with over thirty years of experience, he has been featured on CNN, Fox News, the New York Times, LA Times, and Entertainment Tonight. Regarded as a music rights activist, Porter is also on the Advisory Board of the Parents Television Council. Paul Porter, has even been summoned to testify before Congress.

America’s music industry has changed drastically in recent decades. Nowadays, music production is a very small component of what determines success for an artist. The numbers of independent artist and separation from the pack is now harder than ever. Brand building is a complex matrix of relationship-building, social media, marketing, promotion and multimedia production that very few people have a clear and comprehensive knowledge of. Rap Rehab was created to be a one-stop shop situated in this ever-changing cultural landscape known as “the music business.” From artists to fans, our information and perspective will keep you well-informed.

We’re here to help you turn your music into self-sustaining streams of revenue. From our “Free 15” video chat series to our emphasis on cost effective strategies, Rap Rehab is enhancing your knowledge and maximizing your value. Take advantage of Rap Rehab 30 years in the music industry today. With Paul Porter as its guiding light, Rap Rehab is guaranteed to offer the best that the music industry has to offer.

Check out Author and Radio Personality Paul Porter as he discusses his book “Blackout:  My 40 Years in the Music Business on C-SPAN’s Book TV. 

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Left to Right:  Black Men In Founder Gary Johnson and Author Paul Porter at Busboys and Poets, Hyattsville, MD location.

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