The Legend of “Little” Elzie Patterson


“Little” Elzie Patterson is a fictitious character developed by Black Men In America.com Founder & Publisher Gary Johnson.  Gary developed the character in September 2018 while traveling in Barcelona, Spain with friends on a 10-day Mediterranean vacation.  One of those friends was a gentlemen named  Elzie Patterson.  The legend of  “Little Elzie” was based on legendary American Bluesman and multi-instrumentalist Lucky Peterson, master of the blues guitar and the Hammond B3.

Gary introduced the world to “Little Elzie” Patterson in Barcelona, Spain, in Rome, Italy and throughout Europe during their vacation.  To Gary’s surprise, not only did people treat “Little Elzie” as a former child star, over time, “Little Elzie” slowly began to play the part and ease into the character.  Upon their return to the United States, Gary decided to expand the “legend” by making himself  “Little Elzie’s” Road Manager and Personal Valet. 

The Legend of “Little” Elzie Patterson

According to many music historians, there would be no Morris Day and Jerome Benton, if there had not been a “Little” Elzie Patterson and MasterChef Gary.

“Little Elzie” Patterson is a former musical prodigy who burst onto the music scene at age 5 with his first Top 10 R&B single, “My Name Is Elzie.”  “Little Elzie” was an accomplished keyboard player, guitarist and bass player.  

As the story continues, Black Men In America.com Founder, Gary Johnson, met “Little Elzie” Patterson at the DC Armory in the early 70’s.  Singer James Brown was the headliner.  Gary managed to talk his way backstage and convinced “Little Elzie” that he needed a Valet and Road Manager.  The two have been together ever since.

Like most child stars, “Little” Elzie Patterson has had his share of life’s challenges, including a fall from stardom as a teenager, a stint or two at a Rehabilitation Center,  several comebacks, another retirement and then a final comeback with a new group that he formed with his motorcycle pals called “Little” Elzie Patterson & The Blind Spyder Riders.  The group charted on Billboard’s Top 100 with the hit song, “Margie, Is That You?”

Gary never let the legend of Little” Elzie Patterson die.  In fact, Little” Elzie Patterson lives on Black Men In America.com, Instagram and other social media sites, along with Gary’s other fictitious character “MasterChef Gary,” a “certified” cucumber specialist and self-proclaimed Director of International Sales & Marketing and “Face” of the All-in-One Master Tonic.  In addition, MasterChef Gary is the Road Manager and Valet for former musical prodigy and child star “Little” Elzie Patterson.

The Real Elzie Patterson, Gary Johnson and our Driver Giani in Rome, Italy during our Mediterranean vacation (Sept. 2018)

In real life, Elzie Patterson is a decorated retired civil servant who served our nation with distinction and honor.  Elzie resides with his wife in a suburb of Washington, DC.

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