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The drawing board is full; however, we made a pivot.  Some years ago, the publisher of the premier online magazine for African Americans and the CEO of A Dante Production were very involved in Broadway, in New York. The purpose was to revive the culture for our school children because the public schools had dismissed all aspects of anything relating to culture.

Fast forward, both the publisher and the CEO moved to Florida, but again the same void was present. The definition of culture was extinct. Collectively again the drawing board became full as to what is a resolution.  The answer was let’s create something new in the local area. Both parties were music buffs, so the idea came up to develop a musical history lesson. Let’s go back to our roots. Let’s do the history of JAZZ. The question was HOW and WHERE?

After many discussions, venues were the center of discussion. We decided to add a feature that was not common to the geographical area. The idea mushroomed to do this in a musical way and include dinner, in the form of a classic dinner theater. The DREAM was BORN!

Red Carpet Dinner Theater!

The history of the birth of jazz, the show should title “The Sounds of Jazz.” It was now time for the key elements needed to complete the plan such as finding a Musical Director, Narrators, Musicians, Sound Engineer, Set Decorator, and Dancers.  The dream was born and ready to go, however this looked easy but it was a monumental challenge and task.

One of the challenges was to find a date that would not get impacted by other local events, a time that would be convenient for all, a menu that was pleasing, a stage, a piano, the proper musicians, etc.

“The Sounds of Jazz” was developed to create both a history lesson and an appreciation of music in general starting with Jazz. The goal of this production is to educate current and new music lovers to this mainstay of American music history. Through the eyes of music historians and professional musicians in live theater settings, through master classes, and performances devoted to appreciating and understanding this most vibrant art form. Whether you are a traditionally trained student who is curious about the world of jazz, or an experienced jazz musician looking to expand your skills, “The Sounds of Jazz” has something for everyone. 

Daytona Beach Florida, is full of social and entertainment activities.  Finding a date and venue for entertainment is very challenging.  That didn’t stop us.  We went forward with our plan.

We are hoping people will have a open willingness to LEARN. Their many open-ended so-called facts, however Reading and Learning will prove some facts are man made and not factual. Such as the basis and background of some music. Let’s make history speak the truth. Will we continue with history? (Maybe).

What is on the drawing board?  See below:

  • August = Sunday Jazz Jam Session
  • September = Divas of R&B
  • October = The Sounds of Jazz
  • November = Musically Opposites attract (Jazz and Classical)
  • December = Christmas Jazz with Strings & Things (Violin, Cello, Harp)

What is planned for 2025? **Elegance in Motion**



July 1, 2024



A Dante Production is delighted to announce the upcoming Broadway-style musical The Sounds of Jazz, debuting at The Palmetto Club in Daytona Beach on October 12, 2024.

Founded by CEO Chauncey Dunham, A Dante Production has delighted audiences for the past several years with its performances across Central Florida.  From the stage of the Ormond Beach Performing Arts Center to the intimate atmosphere of Cinematique Theater in Daytona Beach to the open-air concerts of the Midtown Music Concert Series, A Dante Production has consistently provided musical entertainment to delight the senses.

Chauncey’s musical passion was enhanced by years of attending shows on Broadway.  With the help of his mentor, Ms. Stephanie Lee, President & CEO of Broadway.com, he gained multi-perspective understanding of all things Broadway.  While living in Washington, DC, he partnered with Gary Johnson to form Broadway Theaters Educate which had a purpose of providing transportation to students for trips to Broadway–expanding their exposure to the arts, which had been reduced more and more in school districts’ budgets.

Dunham and Johnson both moved their families to Florida.  While presenting highly talented musical acts at different venues, Dunham got the idea to do a Broadway-style musical. The two have teamed up once again to bring audiences a great production.  This time, The Sounds of Jazz.

With a skillfully curated musical history of jazz, The Sounds of Jazz show will be the first Red Carpet Dinner Theater Production. Directed by Gary Johnson, the show will be narrated and produced by Donna Gray-Banks, musically directed by Grammy-award winning musician Bennie Yarbrough, and choreographed by Dawn Branch.

The Sounds of Jazz

Saturday, October 12, 2024

3:00 PM

Ticket prices include a show, dinner, and dance. $65.00 – OBJS Member / $75.00 – General Tickets for the show are now on sale at adanteproduction.com/events.


For more information click here to visit Dante Production’s official website.

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