The Lifeline of the Sport of Boxing by Ron Harris


Ron Harris – Fort Washington, MD

Everyone hears about the mega fights.  The fights that draw sell out crowds and get on Pay Per View.  These events attract people that really don’t care about the sport. They just want to be where the action is. 

Real boxing fans attend boxing shows like the one promoted by CyNation Sports at the Rosecroft Raceway in Fort Washington, Maryland last Saturday.  Or the show on October 23 rd, promoted by Tony Jeter at Live Hotel and Casino.  Most of these fighters are making their debuts or have records of less than 10 professional fights. 

The Rosecroft Raceway card was packed and the place was loud.  A lot friends and family of the fighters.  Fighters came from as far as Seattle, Washington, Dayton, Ohio and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  They all brought their fans and they yelled as loud as they could.  These young fighters are as serious and dedicated to their craft as the fighters that most sports fans have heard of. 

Fight cards such as this are the lifeline of the sport.  They occur all over this country.  All of the big name fighters started with 4 round fights to 6 rounds to 8 rounds up to 10 rounds before some of them fight for world titles.  It is a sight to see the expressions on the fans in the seats.  They are hanging on every punch thrown by their fighter.  They are talking to the fighters as if they can hear them from inside the ring. 

Cory Sanders, CEO of CyNation Sports was thrilled with how things turned out at Rosecroft.  As told to Juan Marshall from ProAm Fight Talk, “I am really satisfied with the outcome of the card.  Even with only 5 fights on the card I was happy with the turnout.”  The winners at Rosecroft were Chris Glenn making his pro debut, Victor Williams, taking his record to 3-0, Veshawn Champion, 2-0, Rianna Rios, 2-0 and the main event winner was Dominique Crowder, who improved his record to 10-0.  A good day was had by all. 

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About Ron Harris

Ron Harris, retired college administrator, coach, broadcaster, Internet and TV sports producer and host. Former radio host of a live call-in show.  Extremely close to the sports landscape in the Washington, DC metro area. Former radio sports reporter, covering MLB, college sports, major boxing events and much more.

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