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The Manhood Line: Live! July Edition by Mike Ramey




The same, so-called strong American feminist members of the Mainstream Mess (who are ALWAYS hell-bound in ruining marriage) were reduced to the level of awestruck, giggling six-year-olds in the days running up to the coverage of the British wedding of Harry & Meghan at Windsor Castle.  American women in the MSM got ‘classes’ in how to curtsy, how to wear beautiful hats, how to pick the right dress, and other rites-of-tradition involved in a ROYAL wedding from their British sisters.

Brothers, it was COMICAL and INSTRUCTIONAL on so many levels.    First, it underscored a biblical principle:  It takes a lady to show a woman HOW to be a lady (Titus, Chapter 2, KJV).  The British women have their faults, but knowing how to dress, speak and carry themselves as ladies–in public–is NOT among them.

Second, it showed a MAJOR weakness in the feminist armor.  No matter how much the feminists like to ‘proclaim’ their independence; they are still hard-wired into womanhood as God intended.  Watching MAJOR female talking heads leading other women into a cheerleader-marveling rah-rah session about the ‘beauty’ of marriage was truly amazing.  EVEN on PBS stations, you had well-known lib women shedding tears of joy over the wedding, the clothes, the carriage-ride to the ceremony, etc. as if they were going to be walking down the isle themselves!

Third, it was a hoot watching who arrived to be a part of the ceremony.  Anti-male, anti-marriage and pro-abortion supporter Oprah Winfrey.  Serena Williams.  George Clooney.  All of them ‘decked out’ in their finery…and hypocrisy.

This was a teachable moment, brothers.  Hope you ‘caught it’.


We ARE in the last days (II Timothy, Chapter 3 KJV)

*Recently, published accounts of a scientific study done on men from a variety of nations over the last 40 or so years found that the potency of men’s sperm has been gradually declining.  Thus, more and more men CAN NOT father children–and they don’t know it.

*Meanwhile, another published report from South America indicates that Sperm Banks in America and other countries are selling their product to anxious single and lesbian women–with the objective of having lighter skinned children WITHOUT men.

Think the attacks on men are ‘random’?  Think the assault on Bible-believing Christians is ‘just a happenstance’?  Think the rise of foul mouthed young people and rude women (including lesbians) can be traced to ‘a bad day’?  Balderdash!  Of course, another study came out dealing with the fertility of WOMEN in Western Countries, citing that fertility rates among them were ALSO going down.  As the saying goes: “God don’t like ugly, and ain’t too thrilled with pretty!”


It’s kinda sad that three–or more–Black-focused series that are on cable this summer deal with the negative side of the ledger when it comes to Black folks.  “Claws”, “Snowfall”, and a few other shows on even some of the Black cable outlets are trash, pure and simple.

What is TRULY sad is that you have a NEW generation of Black actors and actresses that ‘revel’ in showing the negative side of our race.  Time was, a Black actor or actress wouldn’t be caught dead doing derogatory stuff.  NOW, this is no longer the case.

The ‘Pimps, Playahs and Hoes’ caldron of witchcraft is making its way back into the mainstream.  Hispanics don’t have shows this low on US television.  Muslims don’t have shows this low on US television.  Like Richard Pryor used to say: “Just us”.  And, as long as the Black church, and Christians continue to put up with this garbage…it will continue to flow like so much sewage down a river of destruction.

IF you doubt me, go to Wikipedia, type in the names of these shows and read the ‘treatment’, detailing what these shows are all about.  Then, ask yourself: “Am I willing to drop into mental slavery to what I KNOW is trash?”


In keeping with our ongoing topic out of the Book of Proverbs (KJV), I’d like to introduce you to the ‘Simple Woman’, contained in Proverbs 9:13-18.  Brothers, this is a woman who may be wrapped up in the trappings of power, money and fame…but doesn’t have the ‘common sense’ that God gave a goose.  This is the type of woman who is constantly on the ‘make’ for someone else to bail her out of trouble, as she spent much of her life ‘ducking’ any kind of teaching or education–especially from older women (Titus 2:1-7 KJV).

In this particular block of scripture from Proverbs, the Simple Woman is fast looking for a Simple Man; a man who also shares deep drinking from the fountain of ignorance.  Brothers, don’t be fooled by a pretty face which may hide an empty soul and a shallow brain.


I’ll never forget the time I was looking for a career change, and was getting down in the dumps.  I happened across a sage piece of advice: “Job hunters should DECREASE their intake of media fare, as it MAY cause them to be depressed about their circumstances AND get them to forget the fact that they are undergoing a new career direction.”  Putting it bluntly; anytime you are seriously going through a tough time in life, the LAST thing you need to be doing is ‘camping out’ on FB, ST, and sitting around SB on your electronic device.

Cutting the electronic umbilical cord can do wonders for your mental disposition, and free up your time to re-develop some skills, such as public speaking, reading books, and journaling.  We ALL know that this is a society that is ‘bent’ on turning us into ‘followers’.  Even folk in the church spend more time on iPhones than in the scriptures, THEN have the nerve to get mad at the Pastor for taking time to READ the Word of God SLOWLY.  Put the iPhone down, and give your brain and fingers a rest.  Brothers, you only have so much mental and emotional energy to spend each day.  Make the most of it.

You don’t need a TV show to tell you it’s time to turn it off and go outside to play.  That’s what God gave you a brain for (Romans 10:9)!

Mike Ramey is a Minister, Book Reviewer, P-School Ranger and Syndicated Columnist who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.  “The Manhood Line: Live” is one of a variety of columns that Ramey has in cyberspace.  To drop him a line…or a whine…the address is still the same:  ©2018  Barnstorm Communications.   


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