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Jeffrey Osborne Has A New Single – “Worth It All”



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“WORTH IT ALL” HEADING TO THE TOP OF THE CHARTS (#30 Billboard Urban Adult Contemporary)

Releasing Friday, June 15th, Jeffrey Osborne – Worth It All- The Remix EP


 (Los Angeles, CA – June 14, 2018): Vocal legend Jeffrey Osborne remains as vital as ever with the release of his new single, “Worth It All”   heading up the charts at #30 on the Billboard Urban Adult Contemporary chart, in just 2 weeks.  The legendary vocalist known for his trademark R&B ballads that he has so indelibly inscribed as his signature mark makes a triumphant return with his most personal album, his first collection of original, self-produced R&B songs in 13 years, also entitled “WORTH IT ALL”

Singer, songwriter, producer Osborne’s single “Worth It All” was delivered to radio on May 25th and is  already at the top of the national Billboard Urban Adult Contemporary chart, featured on 5 different SiriusXM stations and on radio stations nationwide, including WBLS-New York, KJMS-Memphis and WYLD- New Orleans. 

“The Gregg Pagani remix of “Worth It All” is a hit song, Jeffrey is back in a big way!” said Steve Crumbley, veteran radio programmer and now Operations Manager of WXST in Charleston, South Carolina.  Stated Pagani, “Jeffrey is a legendary artist and it’s an honor to be involved with this project.”

Releasing Friday, June 15th, “Jeffrey Osborne – Worth It All- The Remix EP” is just in time for summer. The 4-song compilation is infused with the Gregg Pagani remix of “Worth It All” (Charlie Wilson, Johnny Gill, Will Smith) and the Stokley Williams (Mint Condition) remix of “Let A Brotha Know.” Mack Avenue Records A&R guru Will Wakefield adds his flair on the remix of “Just Can’t Stand It,” and dance remix on “The Greatest Night of All.”

“I’m so honored to be a part of this project. I am standing on the shoulders of Mr. Jeffrey Osborne and all the work that he’s done thus far. Whether it be with LTD or solo, he’s always been a gold standard for me. I’m just overjoyed! Thank u for your gift!” expressed Stokley.

WORTH IT ALL is a vibrant and thoughtfully romantic collection of songs in which Osborne reflects on his 35-plus years of marriage and sets said thoughts to a richly robust and diversified palate of sumptuous soul music. The album features special guests Gerald Albright on saxophone, Rick Braun on trumpet and includes a sexy, rainy night scenario song entitled “Work It,” co-written by son, Jeffrey Osborne Jr.

“Originally instead of this album, I was going to do a Smooth Jazz record. Then I realized the songs I was writing were Old School R&B and I went back to what I do best. I figured it was time for me to get back to R&B. I wanted to do a grown folks record.”

WORTH IT ALL is also a double entendre meaning it was worth it all for me to do my first R&B album in thirteen years,” says Jeffrey. “I still believe that there’s an audience for what my generation has to offer. As artists, we must maintain the integrity of our music.”

The album is dotted with delights ranging from edgy up-tempos such as “Let a Brotha Know,” “Just Can’t Stand It” and “Stay the Way You Are” as well as signature ballads such as “The Greatest Night” and “Your Lover” – all written by Osborne.  The centerpiece of the album is its tutorial title track and first single, “Worth it All,” a song that speaks to the challenges of weathering the storms of a long-term relationship to reach the sweeter rewards once the clouds have been chased away. Sung to electric piano accompaniment only, this is an instant classic that compels all who hear it to stop whatever they are doing and listen. “I believe people actually become closer working through trials and tribulations,” Jeffrey muses. “It’s about communication and not allowing that fire to slip away. Love is worth going through the little fires you have to put out from time to time.

Jeffrey Osborne has proven a master at longevity through a career that began as lead singer of the band L.T.D. with which he recorded the `70s Soul classics “Love Ballad,” “(Every Time I Turn Around) Back in Love Again,” “Holding On (When Love is Gone),” “We Both Deserve Each Other’s Love” and “Shine On.” Going solo in the `80s, Osborne soared anew with enduring gemstones such as “I Really Don’t Need No Light” “On the Wings of Love,” “Stay With Me Tonight,” “We’re Going All The Way,” “Love Power” (a duet with Dionne Warwick), “You Should Be Mine (The Woo Woo Song)” [his biggest solo pop charter) and “Only Human,” and earned four Grammy Award nominations as a solo artist. Jeffrey was also the lyricist of the Whitney Houston classic “All at Once.”

Now following on the heels of his 2013 Jazz album, A Time for Love (the final production of the late, great George Duke), Osborne continues to deliver viable music. A strict vegan and in the best shape of his life, Jeffrey still performs over 100 shows a year. Some of his recent stops included concerts in Huntsville (AL), Seattle (WA), and San Francisco (CA), with upcoming dates in various cities across the country. For additional tour information visit

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