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The State of Black Republicans by Raynard Jackson


Last week, I wrote about the “State of the Black Union.”  I used that column to talk about the state of the Black community and it seemed to catch on like wildfire.

In a similar vein, since it is Black History Month, I want to discuss the state of Black Republicans.  In my view, the state of Black Republicans is embarrassing!

The question I would pose to my Republican Party is this:  if they were accused in a court of law of being serious about increasing the level of participation by Blacks in our party; would there be enough evidence to convict them?  The clear answer is an unequivocal NO.

Just like the Democrats in Virginia are caught up in serious turmoil over their Democrat governor and attorney general using blackface; the Republican Party has the same problem.  Their problem is not because our leaders have been caught using blackface, but rather their problem is that they have been caught using the wrong Black faces!

Memo to Republicans:  Diamond and Silk have absolutely NO connection to the Black community.  If the goal is to get more Blacks involved in the party, why are you using them?  Sean Hannity, they are not funny.  Blacks find them offensive as hell, both liberal and conservative.  Just like everyone should find blackface offensive; using Black faces to “entertain” you is just as offensive.  It is called a minstrel show.  Look it up!

Scott Wagner, Republican candidate for governor of Pennsylvania last year, brought them into West Philadelphia under the guise of “outreach” to the Black community.  I kid you not:

Wagner NEVER campaigned with one “credible” Black during his campaign; but thought these two girls could “Stepin Fetchit” him into the governor’s mansion.

Candace Owens is another prime example of the party showing their lack of seriousness about true engagement with the Black community.  She is a walking gaffe machine and again, has absolutely no connection to the Black community, especially Black Republicans.  But, yet, she is the face the party is throwing out to the Black community.  She appeals strictly to a white audience and the party is too stupid to realize that.

Memo to Owens, put down the twitter, STOP doing media and study up on the issues and talk with people who know what the hell they are doing.  Just because the media puts a microphone in front of you doesn’t mean you have to talk.  Sometimes it’s simply better to say nothing.

The media loves to highlight Black Republicans and conservatives who are not ready for prime time.  Look at this video of a person who has absolutely no business ever being in front of a camera.  This is the worst interview I have ever seen:  Begin at the 3:30 timestamp.  Warning, this will make you CRINGE!

Radical liberal Democrat quasi journalists like Roland Martin love to have Black Republicans on his show that he knows are in way over their heads so he can embarrass them.  But they are too enamored by the cameras to realize they are being used, i.e. Eugene Craig!

No credible Black pays Owens any attention.  Simply because she has a Black face doesn’t mean she is the right person for the job.  For a party that CLAIMS they don’t believe in identity politics; I find her choice very interesting.

The question I have for Donald Trump, Jr., Eric Trump, and Ivanka Trump is this:  what job would you hire Diamond and Silk for or Owens for within the Trump Organization?  The answer is NONE!!!

So, if you wouldn’t hire them to work in your private company, why would you think they are good enough for the political arena?

Would they hire Diamond and Silk to entertain their A list clients at one of their corporate board meetings?  Would they pay Owns to give a keynote speech to their board of directors?  Of course not.

So, why do they think they are good enough for the Black community?  Hmmmmm?

Blackface and using the wrong Black faces are equally as offensive to the Black community.  Until my party understands this distinction, we will never see credible Black engagement with the Republican Party.

Despite what you see and hear in the media, Trump most definitely has a positive story to tell relative to the Black community; but our party is simply horrible at strategic communications and constantly chooses the WRONG messengers to go into the Black community.

We will have major announcements in this regard around the end of the month.

Would you send a 20-year-old to go up against Michael Jordan in his prime?  Not if you had half of a brain.  But, Republicans do it all the time when it comes to the Black community.  We have plenty of Isaiah Thomas’ and Earvin Johnson’s to go against the Jordan’s of the Democrat Party.

The reason the party doesn’t use them is they will tell the party what they need to hear, not what they want to hear.  Therein is the difference between those mentioned above and those Blacks with credibility in the Black community!

Raynard Jackson is a Pulitzer Award nominated columnist and founder and chairman of Black Americans for a Better Future (BAFBF), a federally registered 527 Super PAC established to get more Blacks involved in the Republican Party. BAFBF focuses on the Black entrepreneur. For more information about BAFBF, visit You can follow Raynard on Twitter @Raynard1223.

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