The War For the Soul of the Democratic Party Heats Up by Christopher Johnson


Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is the face of the future if the Democratic Party wants a future beyond losing. Progressive candidates who don’t take corporate money have pulled off stunning upsets around the country even without the support of their own parties in most cases. Whoopi Goldberg went on “The View” to chastise young progressives who want to improve the party saying we should sit back and learn from Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein.

Learn what? How to take big money from special interests and be beholden to them? Learn how to lose elections to Donald Trump?

We aren’t interested in learning how to lose or be corrupt. We want change. It’s not about identity politics. They accuse progressives of not wanting Pelosi to be Speaker of the House because she is too old. That is an absurd response seeing how most of the people who want her out are big Bernie Sanders supporters. Last time I checked Bernie wasn’t a young “whippersnapper.”

It’s not about age or gender. It’s about being on the right side of the issues like not voting for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.  Nancy Pelosi supported both wars.  Pelosi is against medicare for all. That alone should be disqualifying, as healthcare is a key issue in the upcoming election.  Anyone associated with the Hillary Clinton campaign should be fired from whatever position of power they hold.  Think about it.  Anyone who devised the strategy that lost to Donald Trump should not be working in politics.  Your time has passed.

If Donald Trump is such a clown and a joke how did Hillary Clinton lose to him?  Hillary always claims she lost due to racism and sexism.  Hillary lost because she ran an awful campaign. She implemented a losing strategy of Neo-liberalism and her corrupt business deals were exposed to Wikileaks.  Anytime Hillary speaks she damages the party.

Andrew Gillum was up in several polls but hurt himself by deflating his base. How did he betray his base when it looked like he was ready to slam dunk on Ron Desantis who is openly racist?  He campaigned with Hillary and her stooge Debbie Wasserman Shultz. If there was any way to make me question your values as a Progressive then campaigning with Hillary Clinton is it.  The bottom line is if the “Old Guard” continues to resist change and sabotage their popular up and coming Progressive candidates then they WILL lose in 2020.  Bernie Sanders is still the best bet to crush Donald Trump in a landslide.  Will the Democrats rig the process against him again if he runs?

Christopher Johnson also known as “C. J.” is the youngest columnist on this website.  He started interviewing celebrities when he was 10-years old.  Chris comments on sports, politics, current events and entertainment.  In his spare time he is the Lead Guitarist for a band called The Courtland Experiment Click here to visit his Archives Page to see more videos with Harold Bell and to read his commentaries and movie reviews. You can also follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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