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Why Our Children Hate Us: How Black Adults Betray Black Children

By Ulysses “Butch” Slaughter (Posted July 15, 2020)
Today it’s popular for organizations and companies to attach their brands to social justice matters by writing a “statement.” That’s easy enough, I guess. But what do these organizations really understand about the Black struggle beyond saying “black lives matter?” Are Blacks, Whites and others really interested in a challenge that will bring change or is it enough to knock down statues and pump fists?
Here’s your invitation to go much deeper into your discomfort. With my friend and co-author Eric K. Grimes, I recently republished the book “Why Our Children Hate Us: How Black Adults Betray Black Children.” Available only in PDF format, Why Our Children Hate will give you a jolt of Black reality that today’s protest leaders conveniently overlook.
Through powerful and compact essays, “Why Our Children Hate Us” examines religion, technology, racist health practices and Black support of what’s called “white supremacy.” First released in 2006, our book shows how very little has changed or will change if Black adults continue to betray their own children.
I’ve attached an 18-page complimentary promotional excerpt. Get the whole book now at

Ulysses “Butch” Slaughter is a writer, film maker and reconciliation strategist. He recently led a successful campaign to have The City of Philadelphia offer an official apology for the Philadelphia MOVE bombing of 1985. He is a veteran of the US Navy, graduate of Chicago’s Quigley Seminary South and graduate of Lincoln University. His book Why Our Children Hate Us: How Black Adults Betray Black Children has been relaunched and is available at  Learn more about his work at

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