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Mr. Free Spirit Revisits the BVI Vacation


I have received follow-up text and phone calls based on not naming the yacht company that is not refunding money for those who paid, and COVID-19 canceled many trips. I had to talk to Dr. Fagan to understand where she was legally before revealing the company. Dr. Fagan informed me the proceedings have started so it was alright for me to put them on BLAST!

First, let me give you some background – this company has told so many lies that I could take a complete article just talking about the lies. In March, the company stated that they would issue a refund to me and to Dr. Fagan.

Why me? In late 2019 Dr. Fagan and I had discussed having a yachting trip to expose people who had never spent time on the water to get the exposure people only read about but never experienced. After many discussions both Dr. Fagan and I agreed to plan for the summer of 2020. The plan was to have two (2) boats and take sixteen (16) people on this wonderful vacation. I agreed to make the initial phone call to Moorings Luxury Charter Company and set up the trip. Well, I should have known based on the first phone call, I was either dealing with a person with limited mental capabilities of a member of the family that owned the company based on her lack of understanding. Being the person, I am I just thought she was mentally limited. Well needless to say each phone call was worst then the last.  She was limited. Along with everything else came COVID-19.

Since Dr. Fagan worked in the medical field, I knew this trip was looking very doubtful. I called Moorings and asked what was going to happen if things got worse and the answer was so blatantly dumb, I asked to speak to a supervisor. That ending up being a two (2) week process. After speaking to the supervisor (Susan) I prepared for the uphill fight. I explained to Susan, I am a very patient person, however with COVID-19 getting worse by the day I wanted to make sure I kept Dr. Fagan involved without her taking time away from the front lines of the COVID-19 front.

Every week after talking to Susan another delay was set in place to the point that Dr. Fagan called Susan, well you would never believe it got worse. Each week a new lie was told, the straw that broke the camel’s back was Susan told Dr. Fagan in writing (email) that the check was accidentally mailed to my address. I have no idea what they teach in schools these days, however, when I went to school Arkansas and Florida were States and they were geographically in two different of the United States, so that kind of mix up is either a lie or the person repeating that story is stupid.

I did not receive my portion of the refund until July and Dr. Fagan is still waiting on her refund. The lies ranged from the company stating that they did not have the name of the person receiving the refund, had the wrong boat account number, to oh, we mailed the check, but to the wrong address. I knew that was a lie because I gave Susan Ulrich the address where it was to be mailed and someone it was sent to my address and not Dr. Fagan’s.

The number of months of deliberate lies exceeds four months.  Yes 4 months. You know with social media being what it is, returning people’s money is not funny. COVID-19 closing the British Virgin Islands (BVI) is something that has nothing to do with people sending money to a vendor for a vacation.

The Company is Luxury Yacht Charters & Sailing Vacations The MooringsThe Moorings is located The Moorings Yacht Company 93 North Park Place Blvd, Clearwater, FL 33759-3917, however, do not let that fool you.  They have “claimed” that they cannot refund the money directly from Florida, that it must be refunded from the United Kingdom.  Even if this were true, it does not take 4 months even if it is coming from the MOON.

The office staff is incompetent and stupid. Dr. Fagan supplied her home address to a staff member twice and her supervisor three times. I understand Reading is Fundamental (RIF), however, it appears that if you provide an address in Arkansas it somehow gets transposed to an address in Florida. Go Figure!

I noticed that Moorings stopped placing people’s fund request on Instagram, maybe they have a money issue. The sad part is BVI has some very reputable yacht companies, maybe the selection would be better placed with another company. I will keep you aware of the outcome.

Ripping people off will catch up with any company that takes kindness for weakness.

Mr. Free Spirit Out

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.



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