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As you may already know we had planned to cruise the British Virgin Islands (BVI), in July 2020. Well, COVID-19 had not even been thought of when we were in the planning process. However, COVID-19 came and not only ruined our plans it changed our lives. We are currently getting ready for the “new normal” as it relates to our style of living. Now just what does that mean? I do not have a clue, NEW NORMAL, does that mean we cannot have a vacation in 2021, I do not think so.

Social Distancing, you cannot socially distance on vacation. IF you FLY, the seats on the plane are close, if you drive, you have to stop and eat in a restaurant, if you cruise on a large cruise ship, other people are on the ship. So how are you supposed to enjoy your life?

Please keep in mind my articles are about retirement!

Okay, what is retirement? “Withdrawn from one’s position or occupation, having concluded one’s working or professional career.” Now just what does that mean? It means you have spent most of your adult life working and it’s now time to enjoy the remainder of your life doing/living any way you want to live.

I cannot speak for you, but for me it means do anything I want to do! I do not want to spend the rest of my life with a remote in my hand changing channels. I want to live! I want to be around people that are like minded and enjoy the rest of my life. Does that mean a new house or a new car? MAYBE! Does that mean traveling someplace I have never been? Maybe!

See below–The Transportation Security Agency (TSA) is getting ready for the “new normal” as it relates to flying:

TSA Has Implemented New Screening Practices

Gone are the days of being packed like sardines in long TSA security lines. Most travelers have reported there being few other travelers as they make their way through security, which is not surprising given that a typically busy airport like Atlanta International is now seeing roughly thousands of travelers per day versus its typical average of 150,000 passengers.

The TSA website also outlines the safety measures its enforced to help prevent the spread of the virus. Visual cues of appropriate social-distancing spacing are put on checkpoint floors, and the TSA has staggered the use of lanes where possible. Frontline employees are reportedly routinely cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces and screening equipment, plus using a fresh pair of gloves upon passenger’s request. Travelers are also allowed to wear masks during security screenings, though a TSA officer may ask the traveler to adjust the mask when visually confirming their identity.

I promise you; you have more years behind you than you have in front of you. With all that being said, YES, we are planning to rent the yachts in 2021. We sail July 10, 2021. We land in St. Thomas July 9th and spend the night and take the ferry to Tortola (BVI) the next day July 10th. For those of you that have never experienced the BVI before, the Islands are all line of site, you are not in the open ocean.

The yachts usually sleep 8 people and every day we venture to a different Island, 7 days 6 islands.

Stay Tuned to keep up with our New Normal

Mr. Free Spirit out!!

“Get busy living or get busy dying.”

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