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Vacation 2020 & 2021.  As you know I have been very instrumental in the recovery of Dr. Fagan funds as it relates to the 2020 BVI vacation. Let me bring you up to date. The steps taken were strategically planned to recover Dr. Fagan’s funds from The Moorings Yacht Vacations. Please be aware, this was not easy, however, Dr. Fagan did receive her funds. During one of the conversations I warned the Moorings representative(s) do not let Dr. Fagan get upset or involved.

Dr. Fagan is involved with COVID-19 and did not have time to get involved so I would work on the recovery for her. Obviously, my words did not mean much to Moorings and they pushed the envelope. Well Dr. Fagan got involved, she got in touch with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), a lawyer and asked me to develop a Social Media blitz to explain to the public how not to get ripped off. The BBB got in touch with Moorings and gave them a deadline to refund the money. Moorings did not comply, and BBB gave an extension, which was a short period and Mr. Free Spirit wrote the last article and exposed the name of the company (I.E. Moorings). A wire transfer was initiated on the last day of the extension from Moorings to Dr. Fagan’s bank refunding her money less the transfer cost of $5.00.

My purpose was not to demean or tarnish anybody’s reputation, however I would hope these companies would look at future business and not believe in instant gratification. The older generation use to tell use you get more fly’s with honey than you get with vinegar. Today’s world is very fragile, and people are becoming more cautious, and reading a contract has become something more important now not like days of old. Just think, people who opted for a future date are in jeopardy. If COVID-19 has the islands closed again on the future date, the contract(s) only cites a one (1) year change therefore you lose you money totally.  COVID-19 was not something expected, however it served as a wake-up call on many things. The environment of the world we live in is different and being careful has a new meaning. Here is an example: Hertz filed for bankruptcy protection Friday, unable to withstand the coronavirus pandemic that has crippled global travel and with it, the heavily indebted 102-year-old car rental company’s business.

Keep in mind when you put your money out on something in the future, READ the contract carefully.

How many Yacht companies are there in the British Virgin Islands?

Charter Companies

BVI Charter Yacht Society
BVI Yacht Charters
CharterPort BVI
Conch Charters
Dream Yacht Charters
Festiva Sailing Vacations
Footloose Charters
Horizon Yacht Charters
iCharter Caribbean
Island Time Powerboat Rentals & Charters
Marine Max Vacations
MedCaribbean Charters
Navigare Yachting
Suite Life Yachting
The Catamaran Company
The Moorings ***
TMM Yacht Charters
Tradewinds Sailing Vacations
Vacances Sous Voiles (VSV)
Virgin Islands Yacht Charters
Virgin Charter Yachts
Voyage Charters

I show this to show we will go back to the BVI on vacation; however, we will be reading any/all contracts carefully so your money if you would like to go will NOT be in jeopardy. My articles are on retirement but, this type of vacation has been something we have done for years and not only does it relate to retirees it also introduces a new generation of activities to people that never knew they could afford such a wonderful vacation.

COVID-19 has really stopped people from taking things for granted and made people more vigilant. However, RIF is of the utmost importance, what is RIF? =READING IS FUNDAMENTAL. READ every contract and watch the fine print.

Congrats to Dr. Fagan, persistence defeats other peoples GREED!

Mr. Free Spirit out!!!!!!

I have never fooled anyone. I have let people fool themselves. They did not bother to find out who and what I was. Instead, they would invent a character of me, and they were wrong. 

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