Joe Biden Should NOT Debate Trump


By Gary A. Johnson, Founder & Publisher – Black Men In America.com

Not that anyone asked for my opinion (that’s never stopped me before), but Joe Biden should not debate Donald Trump.  There is NOTHING to gain.  Trump has shown us who he is.  Debates have rules.  Rules mean nothing to Donald Trump.  All Trump will do is lie, exaggerate, deflect, insult, and hide from the facts.  Unless there is a real-time fact checker onsite, there is nothing to gain.

Trump is not an intellectual.  He will look for ways to insult you and drag you down.  Trump has proven that he cannot be out “guttered.”  He will go as low as he has to to win as he defines winning.

Donald Trump is totally unpredictable.  Well, let me correct that.  The one thing that we can count on when it comes to Donald Trump is that tomorrow will be worse than today.

Biden is ahead in most, if not all the major polls, including some FOX News polls.  Trump is flailing with his total mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic and his bad trade deals with other countries.

COVID-19 has forced “Uncle Joe” to spend a lot of his time in his basement.  When he does make a public appearance, he wears a mask, practices social distancing and shows that he is not anti-science.

Most people are not a horrible as Donald Trump, and I mean horrible as a human being.  If you engage him in a debate here is the likely scenario:  Trump will tell so many lies that you will feel compelled to correct him.  You have a limited time during debates.  If you spend your time trying to correct his lies, you can’t get your message out and the thing most people will remember, is what Trump said, which over time will be a mountain of lies. 

Trump has proven that he does not care about public opinion.  He is openly corrupt, petulant, lacks empathy and has no intellectual curiosity.  According to the Fact Checker team at the Washington Post, between Trump’s inauguration on Jan. 20, 2017, he made over 20,000 false or misleading claims.

Trump will also use every racist dog whistle he can get his hands on.  Trump will probably evoke Barack Obama’s name with a boatload of lies.  President Obama lives “rent fee” in Trump’s head.  Donald Trump is obsessed with President Obama.  Trump cannot stand to be upstaged.  Look at how he whined at a recent press conference because Dr. Anthony Fauci has a higher approval rating.

The ultimate weapon for Joe Biden would be to NOT debate Donald Trump and spare the country a sideshow of the best of “the Donald’s” racist and sexist rhetoric and embarrassing Presidential behavior.

Trump needs the debate.  “Uncle Joe” is riding high in the polls right now.  There is no need to take this risk.  Trump is damaging his campaign every day.  The danger with Trump is that he knows he is losing.  He is trying everything just short of “burning the entire house down.”

Just say “No” Joe.

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