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What Makes Dante Tick?


Keep in mind the Dante brand is “A Touch of Class,” guess what? We really mean that.  Many new things are coming. First, lets talk about what coming.

Thursday, May 04 (Orlando, FL)

Jazz in the Park (The Cloud Family Foundation, Inc.)

Bennie Yarbrough will play his sax for us. Brotha sure knows how to blow that horn.

The Jazz in the Park is back!

The Cloud Family Foundation, Inc has rented out Brix and Mortar (no affiliation with foundation) for a private fundraiser May 4th from 5:30 – 7:30 PM.

Jazz Sunday: Arkeshia in Concert (Sunday May 7, 2023 2:00-4:00 PM

Join A Dante Production and Arkeshia for Jazz Sunday. An intimate performance by a powerhouse voice in one of Daytona Beach`s indie movie and music destinations.

Cinematique Theater, Daytona Beach, FL.

So, you think you know Black History!!

There was a Black Owned Hotel and casino in Sparks NV. In 1945, click on the link below and not only get the history but also be ready to see both the play when it comes to your area and the coming movie.



July 2023

Dueling Saxophones will be something brand new for Dante.  Dueling Saxophones will provide some exciting differences in styles, this will feature both the lady of Sax Style Alex Bodytkoshaw and that Jazz phenomenon Bennie Yarbrough, the styles are different but the outcome is always a Touch of Class.

Cinematique Theater, Daytona Beach, FL.

August 2023

The lady with the FINGERS, Ms. Jeanine McAdams.  Jeanine always wow’s the crowd.  After having spent time playing with the incomparable Prince, she now is with the Diva’s of Jazz and traveling all over the globe.

Cinematique Theater, Daytona Beach, FL.

September 2023

The Ladies of Jazz, Featuring “The Divas of Jazz”

 The Alabama Jazz Festival

On The Drawing Board

  • The Mid FL Tri-City Jazz Show
  • Turning A Broadway Play into A musical.

The CEO Speaks

Elevating all the A Dante Production events is our goal. Many musicians are playing for peanuts and not getting their worth. Well, maybe that don’t spend time working on their craft to demand more.  All of the musicians working with Dante spend many hours rehearsing and trying to achieve greatness.

I have weekly conversations with our musicians and they are always working on something new, rearranging or writing new music.  They also have to commute to the venues and be dressed properly for a gig. It’s funny when the CEO of Dante gets a call about a gig and a price, the question becomes “Can you lower the price?”  When the answer is no people get offended. However, when the same people go to the gas station, the price is the price.

A Dante Production provides CLASS, and the price is the price. If people want musicians to play cheap then they should not expect to see musicians that are at the TOP of their game.

As the CEO of A Dante production, I make sure all of our musicians not only dress well, they play extremely well. People talk about poor service and the grapevine can kill you, so I have to stay at the top of the game and keep our brand “A Touch of Class” relevant.  Behind the scenes is marketing, attorney fee, printing, sound, venue(s), expenses for flights, transportation, and insurance.  All these things make for a good show.  Cutting corners is not a option for us. In life you deserve the best and A Dante Production will give you just that.  I often get asked to come out and hear someone play, it’s almost embarrassing to say, “NO,” they don’t meet our standards.  We cannot and will not accept the Middle, we only want the best.

“Music is the divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the heart.”

Nothing happens until you decide. Decide and watch your life move forward.

Click here for more information on A Dante Production.

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