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Mr. Free Spirit Speaks: BVI 2020 Update


Mr. Free Spirit rented a yacht at the last minute to again join some of the Black Boaters and tour the British Virgin Islands. The last trip was 2017 and it was wonderful. Seeing all the familiar faces from past years was great. Remembering everybody’s name was a challenge. Mr. Free Spirit called some friends and encouraged them to do this again in the summer of 2020. The next thing on the agenda was to purchase some new boat shoes, watch the airline prices and start getting ready, July can’t come fast enough. The excitement is growing and the frequency of phone calls to Pebbles Fagen were more exciting as they developed the itinerary. Discussions with Pebbles centered around Menu(s), stops at the various islands and the various cost to travel from St. Thomas V. I. to Tortola BVI. It appears that everything was set.

You would never believe what happened, see below:

BVI Update:  The British Virgin Islands government has been diligent in its response to the Coronavirus pandemic with the implementation of various procedures intended to protect its residents from the progress of the virus. Whilst the illness has yet to reach its shores, the government continues to be proactive and, in this regard, is following many of the steps taken by other nations.
Last night the Premier announced further measures including a 30-day ban on entry to the territory for non-nationals and non-residents with effect from March 19th, 2020.

In these unprecedented times, we recognize the need to put people’s health and safety above all else and we see these latest measures as necessary steps. Of course, it presents fundamental challenges to businesses that rely on tourist access for their lively hood, but we are confident these short-term restrictions will show positive results following which we can all resume our day to day activities. It is less than 3 years since the BVI was devastated by a force of nature and today it seems the whole world is having to face a similar challenge. We know what can be achieved with careful management, support and above all goodwill. We ask for your patience and cooperation during the next few weeks as we work to reschedule charters that are affected by the BVI travel restrictions. We will keep you updated with information from the BVI as changes occur.

However, court is still out. Many things must be considered, i.e. price ad available dates.

COVID-19 won’t slow us down!!!

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