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Business Development and Revenue Growth Strategies for the 21st Century


The key business development and revenue growth strategies for minority businesses business model should be to focus on providing those technologies that are generating competitive business and revenue growth opportunities in the economy.  A particular emphasis should be on the accelerated commercialization of disruptive technologies, which are advances that will transform life, business and the economy.

The below referenced technologies are available to minority business enterprises for generating significant and continuous business development and revenue growth opportunities in the marketplace.



  1. Key Construction Technologies



  • Pre-fabrication & modular construction.


  • Advanced building materials


  • 3D printing & additive manufacturing


  • Autonomous construction


  • Augmented reality & virtualization


  • Big data & predictive analysis


  • Wireless monitoring & connected equipment


  • Cloud & real time collaboration


  • 3D scanning & photogrammetry


  • Building information modeling


  • Data Science


  • Artificial intelligence


  • Machine-augmented analysis








  1. More than 20-construction innovations and patents are immediately available for licensing and commercialization, and the following are examples:



  • All-Purpose Concrete Level


  • Principals to avoid condensation theory of non-permissive insulations reference temperaat8ure.


  • Caulk Caddie.


  • T-Sheild/Termite Shield.


  • Fita-Gutter


  • Reciprocating File/Prep File.


  • Leak Stopping Sprinkler Heads.


  • Sprinkler runoff conservation system.


  • Through-wall electric box.


  • Stake master


  • Silicone paint tray/liner.


  • Manta Gutter System.


  • New building material.


  • 3-in-one air supply.


  • The all new inline tape measure.


  • Magnetic profile gauge marker.


  • External moving staircases house.


  • Water saving.






  1. The Target Regional Construction Market



According to a Dodge Data & Analytics report found that “projects started construction in the D.C. Metro area from January through May, including residential and nonresidential development, have a total estimated cost of $7.5 billion, a 22% over the prior year.





  1. Disruptive Technologies: — Very significant contract revenue growth opportunities are available to support continuing commercialization of the disruptive innovations and technologies. These particular opportunities are especially important because of the present and emerging focus on our rapidly growing disruptive-focused economy, and the following are specific examples of these technologies



  • Mobile Internet


  • Automation of knowledge work


  • The Internet of Things


  • Cloud technology


  • Advanced robotics


  • Autonomous and near-autonomous vehicles


  • Next-generation genomics


  • Energy storage


  • 3D printing


  • Advanced materials


  • Advanced oil and gas exploration and recovery


  • Renewable energy


  1. Investment Financing/Venture Capital



Significant investment financing and venture capital is presently available for minority business enterprises.  For example, one of the most prominent venture capital firms in Silicon Valley, California appointed a partner last year to focus on diversity and inclusive investing.  Additionally, several other venture capital and corporations have made similar commitments.



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