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I’ve come across a subject topic that Men rarely talk about–until after they have experienced it.  It’s called ‘desperation’.  Simply put, it is when a man gets so focused on having a thing out of the fear of losing that thing, one makes some pretty stupid decisions.

Let’s use the subject of the woman (you think) of your dreams.  Never mind the fact that she may spend her weekends modeling for labels on poison bottles, or, she has been through several divorces and has buried a number of boyfriends AND may attend your local church!  Your friends advise you to stay away from her; her friends advise you of her ‘baggage’; even the Bible (Book of Proverbs) warns you to stay away from her.  Nevertheless, because you are ‘lonely’ or have ‘marriage on your mind’, or, you think that you can make a difference in her life by catching her on the rebound, you decide to pursue this relationship at all costs…and you get want you want!

But sadly, it costs you a LOT more than you anticipated.  In the words of Pastor D. L. Thomas: “You can LOSE what you GOT by trying to GET what you ALREADY have!

You see, your ‘root fear’…that ‘thing’ behind the thing that led to your desperation?  The fear of being ALONE.  Yes, ‘strong’ brothers are not ‘supposed’ to have ‘fears or failures’ if you go by this modern age.
However, my brother, don’t be fooled by social scheme-a!

There are a LOT of people who may have thousands of followers, and hundreds of likes–and still sit alone at a table for two.  This same ‘root fear’ can be applied for chasing after a dream job, a house, a career, or some other such thing.

The point I’m trying to get across the plate?  Don’t let a ‘fear’ manipulate you into a ‘failure’ situation.  Being a man means that we need to have clear and sober thought and sight when it comes to important matters of our lives.  Don’t throw away your common sense for a ‘rebound’ situation.  What goes UP, must surely come DOWN!

With football season in the air, and the hope of seeing more Black players doing their jobs rather than buying into the philosophy of rebellion that cost the NFL dearly last season, I wanted to bring back a favorite story from years gone by involving former Notre Dame Head Football Coach Ty Willingham.

A few years back, Coach Willingham was doing a pre-game interview with a sports reporter.  The reporter had a lot to say about Notre Dame’s opponent, giving the impression that the Irish were hopelessly outclassed.

Willingham looked into the camera, and didn’t blink an eye.

“We’ll adjust our offense accordingly,” said the coach.  By the end of the game, the adjustments worked, and Notre Dame had secured a major victory over their opponent.

Brothers:  In life, you will face some things that will cause you some distress and heartache.  It is better to go on the offensive, and meet the changes head on.  You may lose, but, more than likely you will win.  More importantly, you will grow as a man because you faced the changes, instead of letting the changes ‘grab’ you.

A student’s T-shirt read:  “I’m not a Teacher’s Pet:  I’m just SMARTER than you!”
“There is a mental toughness in serving Jesus Christ.”  Pastor Dennis McBride.
“Success is not final; failure is not fatal.  It is the courage to continue that counts.”
–Winston Churchill.
“When the economy’s bad–you pick up skills.  When the economy’s good–you pick up paychecks WITH those added skills!”  –Mike Ramey


I happened across a rather interesting statistic in the Wall Street Journal a few weeks back.  Based upon data from the 2015-2016 school year, an estimated 8 MILLION public school students were TRUANT an average of ten days or more during the school year.  Thus, at any given time, you have roughly ten percent of American school children ABSENT from school.

More than ten years ago Newsweek did a cover story on the plight of school dropouts, which featured–among other school districts–a well-to-do district not too far from me.  So, to cliff this for you, in ten years of back to school rallies; dad’s taking their kids to school, churches raising money for book bags, and a host of other lectures and gimmicks from the mainstream mess (press) even MORE students are not going to school?  And school districts are STILL crying that they don’t have enough money to get the education job done–even though per pupil spending rates continue to go UP?

Home schooling and charter schools are looking better–and better!

Take a CLUE brothers.  You are responsible for your OWN education.  IF you throw it away, YOU will spend three times as much effort–and money–to correct your error.


For much of the year, we’ve talked about what the Book of Proverbs (KJV) says about the negative types of women that are out and about in our society.  Well, with the latter quarter of the year approaching, we’re going to focus upon the qualities that a Christian man should look for IN seeking a woman to marry.  The booklet that I’ll be citing will be available–free of charge–via download or snail mail from  I’ll save the title…for now.

Now, some that may be reading my column may be wondering: “Mike, WHY are your spending such time making such a fuss in teaching the basics to the young men of today?”  To be honest, back in the day when the ol’ P-School Ranger was on the playground and in the school, a lot of this stuff was TAUGHT!  Now, with a feminized culture in full force (Isaiah, Chapter 3), too many young men are not learning how to grow up and become MEN.  Too many are relying on their Iphones to put forth these secrets; too many are up at night awash in information from you tube…but NOT the right information.  And, with some 27 versions of the Bible out there (besides the KJV) that have ‘watered down’ the truth about manhood, it’s an uphill slog to reach the top of Wisdom Peak.  It takes a MAN–warts and all–to raise up MEN.  Take ten, and we’ll see you here at the training grounds, next month!
    Mike Ramey is a Minister, Book Reviewer, P-School Ranger and Syndicated Columnist who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.  “The Manhood Line: Live” is one of a variety of columns that Ramey has in cyberspace.  To drop him a line…or a whine…the address is still the same:  ©2018  Barnstorm Communications.

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