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From a Biblical point of view, parents have the final say in the training and upbringing of their children. The father first, then the mother. The home is where the ‘buck’ stops. Not society. Not the school. Not the juvenile court. Not the cops. Not even the church. Whatever your child is or becomes, if they put their feet under your table, parents are the first and last when it comes to their own children. That’s what the Lord says in His Word.

The MSM (mainstream media in Ramey-ese) speaks with a forked tongue when it comes to families. It seeks to ‘advise’ parents when it comes to issues on the ‘social template’ on how to ‘raise’ your kids; then seeks to ‘exclude’ parents out of the frame when it comes to turning kids into mind-numbed consumers, followers, and tech-worshippers. Especially children of color.

What’s a parent to do? Shuck the MSM mantra and start your OWN children on the road to success. Teach them ASAP the social, educational, home and even street skills needed to shape them into solid individuals. Your parents taught you…or, have you been spending too much playing on your own iPhone to remember this?

For example, good religion. Dropping your child off at church for Sunday School is not the same, nor as nurturing or uplifting as seeing Daddy read the Scriptures, or hearing Mama pray. The church is supposed to point your family to the Cross and the Tomb. The HOME has the obligation to DAILY work out the truths associated with them. If you need help, ask. Pastors and Deacons are not mind-readers, but they are also NOT babysitters. Besides, regular attendees and participants at the church house have LESS problems at THEIR houses…be they two-parent, one-parent, or grandparent.

Education. As a former teacher and college instructor myself, I am amazed how many students entered the classroom, unable to properly read, write their own names (cursive and print), or even handle simple math and language skills. I was amazed when parents took the time to ‘cuss out’ their child’s teacher for not ‘letting them slide’ in disciplinary or homework matters. The separation line for suckers and the successful is called the ‘Unemployment Line’.

Street skills. The school-to-prison pipeline starts being riveted in the home. IF Mama and Daddy are ‘doing something shady’ on the side, they are setting their children up to being the next set of ‘license plate pressers’ at the state prison. It is sad to see more of our children being taught how to ‘escape’ from trouble, rather than ‘avoiding’ trouble. Remember: three of the last four major police action shootings involving young Black men, featured those young brothers being involved in a crime WITH a ‘shady’ friend–who later ‘got away clean’. What does the Bible say about avoiding evil associations? If it was good enough for Solomon to teach HIS kids what types of boys and girls to stay away from in the Book of Proverbs, Daddy and Mama–what’s YOUR problem?

Technology. It has its place…but the place is NOT the head of your child’s life. It’s not necessary for your child to have the ‘latest’ iPhone or computer. As a matter of fact, the trend of having laptops and computers in the classroom is starting to reverse. College professors are reportedly–at the college level–banning laptops and are requiring students to use pen, pencils and paper instead of electronics for lecture-note taking. Research ON computers is fine, but having them replace listening, reading, writing, and sound thinking is not a wise thing to do. It’s nice to see more than a few college classrooms getting ‘back to the basics’.


Rev. M. G. Ramey is a Modern Street Gangs and Media Consultant who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. Emails also welcomed at © 2016 Barnstorm Communications.

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