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Mothers, Daughters & The New Thuggishness by Mike Ramey




While it may have ‘started’ in the 90s as an outgrowth of the rap/hip-hop/gang scene, it truly became noticeable about ten to fifteen years ago, as many mothers and daughters embraced what I could best call ‘the new thuggishness’.  It used to be that these incidents were ‘isolated’.  You’d only hear about them, or read about them once in a blue moon.

Sadly, blue moons have been turning up with alarming frequency.

In the waning days of 2016, more than a few US shopping malls got the treat of watching scores of teenagers fighting instead of shopping.  Some fifteen cities had such reports.  Not to be outdone, my town of Indianapolis, Indiana had a rumble at of our main malls during the Christmas school break.  The end result:  SIX girls and one boy were arrested.  The cause of the brawl–according to the police–teen-aged girls ‘throwing down’ over the affections of a boy.  Last year–and this year have seen incidents of young Black women being ‘body slammed’ in the school setting by School Police Officers (SPOs) because of fighting, non-compliance, or attacks on law enforcement.  In far too many cases, some of the young women in boxing gloves have been birthed and raised by single (or married) mothers with little in the way of ‘home training’ themselves as THEY were growing up…But, I digress.

Over the last decade or so, we have seen many professional white and Black women ‘developing’ and ‘engaging’ in programs to ‘help’ young Black men.  This has also spread to the majority culture, with the merging of the Boys and Girls Clubs organizations, and pink ribbons showing up at traditionally male sporting events.  These female-headed ideas have resulted in a few successes–but many, many more failures.

Why?  Because young women have been left behind.

In my neck of the woods, whenever I have had the opportunity to talk with a few of these female professionals about using as much fervor to school young women, the typical answer was: “Well, girls are harder to reach than boys…”.


The Education/Sports/Entertainment/MSM Kabal hasn’t done much to help over the same period of time.  With young women being ‘manned up’ and involved in everything from Mixed Martial Arts to the big screen exhibiting how ‘tough’ they are, and that they ‘don’t need men’ to rescue or protect them (except when they do), the violent behavior among young women continues to rise. Take a walk through a mall, or visit your local school and you’ll see similar thuggish behavior put on display by the female sex…which many a YT, FB, or SC video will shout ‘AMEN’.

To make matters worse, news stories continue to surface in the mainstream about how ‘right’ it is for young, college aged women to use their looks and feminine charms to seek out ‘sugar daddies’ to pay for tuition…and many other things.

Let me bring back a term I created and used a few years back:  the waywardness of many young women–and their mothers–IS a two generation problem.  The mothers were born in the seventies or eighties.  The daughters were born in the nineties or ‘double os’.  Both groups of women have shunned the things that made their grandmothers Black women of quality (religion, motherhood, and righteousness) and have opted for the ‘thirty pieces of enslavement silver’ found in handcuffs and prison bars.

If you want to know the solution to the new thuggishness, it may be found between the covers of an old book:  The KJV Bible.  Mothers and daughters need to return to the ‘old paths’ of religion, instead of the sinking sands of social media stupidity.

In short, its time for Grandmas to stop being silent, and get their daughters–and in many cases, granddaughters–under righteous control.  A failure to have this happen, at this stage of the track will find more young women in juvie, jail…or worse.  We–as a people–can’t continue to see young Black women eagerly heading for destruction, at a mall or newscast near us!

Ramey, a Minister, syndicated columnist and book reviewer lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.  To correspond, drop him an email at  © 2017  Barnstorm Communications.

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