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New Feature: “Fake the Nation Cartoons” by Rich Caruth


Publisher’s NoteFake the Nation Cartoons is a new feature to Black Men In courtesy of Rich Caruth.  Rich explained to me that he chose this this form of media because his seven year-old granddaughter, Fancy likes to help him using color pencils.  Each cartoon is an original, not a copy, so each picture of “The Don,” (a reference to President Donald Trump) will be slightly different.

Join us each week for a new cartoon from Rich Caruth. 

Want to see more cartoons by Rich Caruth?  Click here to visit his “Archives Page” on our site.

Fake the Nation Cartoons is the brain child of Rich Caruth.  Rich is the Chairman and CEO of Dynamic Institute of Research Corp., where he fights for shovel ready job training and the eradication of Opioid drug addiction. Caruth is no novice when it comes drug elimination and program development; however, he is a beginner when it comes to cartoons. This first series of cartons lampoons the first year of The “Don’s” first year as president of the USA. The Don is what Rich likes to think is President Trump’s alter ego and “Draining the Swamp” is the subject. The cartoons are a weekly publication; further, are not political in nature. They are meant to be funny!

Drug addiction eradication is at the center of Caruth’s heart, after managing low income Section 8 housing in Colorado Springs, CO., for 19 years. There he got to witness firsthand the total devastation of unimpeded drug distribution and addiction on his residents, but also the destruction of entire neighborhoods and communities at the same time, so he did something about it. Fighting Back is a program designed and developed by Caruth, where he was awarded upward of $500,000, over three years in the very competitive HUD drug elimination program. The apartment complexes he managed are now attractive, virtually gang and illegal drug/ distribution free.  Now we must “D.S.I.D.E”.

Want to see more cartoons by Rich Caruth?  Click here to visit his “Archives Page” on our site.

Want to learn more about DIRC?  Click here to visit the Dynamic Institute of Research Corp. website.

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