The Galápagos Islands: A Black Man’s Paradise


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Just 17% of black Americans travel internationally each year, but this trend is rapidly changing. There are around 5 million traveling African American millennials, spending over $60 billion a year on trips, which are becoming increasingly longer and in more exotic locations. If you are looking to expand your horizons and see more of the world, then have a look at the Galápagos Islands. Described by many as a paradise, this is a location that is welcoming to black men and can offer you a dream experience in a safe environment. For free spirit travelers, consider the Galápagos for your next epic adventure.

An Island Welcoming to All

The Galápagos Islands is generally considered a low crime region, being safer than the Ecuadorian mainland. This means that race relations are good and black travelers will be perfectly able to explore this tropical paradise without a problem. The Galápagos is welcoming to the mobility impaired, with many of the 220,000 visitors a year able to explore much of the terrain in wheelchairs. This exemplifies the Galápagos as a welcoming destination, safe for all races and genders. You will find a strong community spirit here, with locals and tourists alike getting on well. Unlike other more easily accessible and low budget destinations, tourists visiting the Galápagos are subject to strict guidelines to do no harm to the environment or landscape. This means that they are serious travelers, with compassion for fellow humans and animals.

A Different Kind of Wildlife

One of the biggest draws to the Galápagos Islands is the unique biodiversity. Serving as inspiration to Darwin’s theory of evolution, the animals here have evolved without any natural predators. This means that they are incredibly tame and will come close to human visitors without fear. If you are used to American wildlife, or even if you have traveled to Africa for safari, then you are in for a unique treat by heading to the Galápagos. From the giant tortoise to the waved albatross, there are large and beautiful animals on these islands that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

It’s Closer Than You Think

Getting to the Galápagos Islands may not be easy or cheap, but it is more accessible than many people realize. From Los Angeles International Airport, you should fly to Baltra Island and then take a boat to Santa Cruz Island. The flight is only 14 hours, meaning that it is not too burdensome for Americans. People flying from London, for instance, would need 21 hours for the flight to Baltra Island. Do your research into flight prices and living costs while on the island. With a bit of planning, it will be possible to raise the funds required. It’s well worth sacrificing a few luxuries today for an adventure you will never forget.

A trip to the Galápagos should be on every black man’s bucket list. As young African Americans are more willing than ever to explore every corner of the world, the hardest part is deciding where to go first. The Galápagos offers a safe and welcoming paradise, where you can experience unique wildlife in a stunning tropical environment.

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