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Singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist J.R. Perry is more than a music man. He describes himself as a Music Messenger, delivering sounds that create vibrations that are healing, soothing, and allows listeners to experience the emotion it portrays– joy, nostalgia, and some feel-good under a beat that moves you. His music can be described as creating the same euphoric feelings as can be found in comfort foods—like the title of his recent single, “Hot Grits.” The funk-dance track was released in the UK during an on-air interview with Cheeky Radio UK on December 28, 2020. The show introduced a receptive audience to Perry’s funky guitar riffs backed with a masterfully swung, hot Funk 70’s style instrumentation.

The resonating uptempo groove designed to get you on your feet was created in the most primal way—because he was hungry. Perry nostalgically remembers a time when his Louisiana elders, specifically, his grandmother, was known for creating massive breakfast “spreads” as a tradition. While there were plentiful varieties of fare—from Red Snapper and other fish, to mouth-watering biscuits topped with homemade preserves; it was the hot buttery grits that he remembers most.

At the age of 3 years old J.R. became interested in music. Before long J.R. was singing, and it was apparent that he was born with a gift. J.R. was encouraged to develop and strengthen his young voice. As J.R. worked with his talented voice it became clear that he had another talent- songwriting. At the age of 9 years old he wrote his first song. It seemed that J.R. was destined for success in the entertainment industry.

As time went on J.R. continued his musical aspirations in many forms. J.R. was the innovator of many musical groups throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s. Not only leading and cultivating groups, but also performing. J.R. also excelled as an instrumentalist. He plays the keyboards, trombone, bass guitar- as well as performs the task of drum programmer. J.R. has developed many types of musical productions exhibiting his talent to sing the diverse musical genre spectrum from R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop, Gospel, Funk, and Jazz. J.R. excels in areas of vocals where his 4 1/2 to 5 octave range is stressed.

A highly diversified individual, it was not long before J.R. discovered his many other talents in the entertainment field. Before long he was performing and writing voice overs and jingles which lead to his interest in television. In addition to singing, and television, J.R. started a record production company adding entrepreneur to his resume.

With a love for music, J.R. started his own record label, Pro-Per Records. In addition to owning and operating the label J.R. is also involved in performing and songwriting. J.R. has released a hit single entitled “Valentine Lover” which was played on various radio stations in the United States , and widely accepted in Europe . Pro-Per Productions the parent company established for further diversification.

Always looking for new challenges- 1983 seemed to be the year for television. J.R. was offered the opportunity to produce a cable access show. Thus the J.R. Perry Show was born. With a love for the entertainment industry and his community the two areas fused together well for his show. The J.R. Perry Show was a sit-down host-guest format, incorporating interviews with renowned musical guests as well as community leaders. The show also highlighted sizzling musical videos and live performances excerpts. With a firm track record for over 25 years, the show had a loyal following, which always delivered on the shows motto “Together We’ll Make A Difference.”

J.R. has been acknowledged repeatedly by various civic leaders, and industry insiders for the positive elements of his empire. Wearing so many hats may be difficult for some, but not for someone such as J.R. Perry III, with a true love for the business, and perseverance to succeed.

Currently J.R. is working on various projects for Pro-Per Productions. These projects include songwriting, musical arrangement, and television development.  In addition, J.R. has performed voice-overs for radio and television, written and produced plays and sitcoms and has a catalog of music ready to be released in the marketplace.

Click Here to listen to “Hot Grits” and other songs by J. R. Perry.

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