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    Recently, I happened across a term in our modern society which seemed to accurately describe some high-school and college-aged young people in the USA and the UK.  That term was ‘snowflake’.  Defined simply, it means that a young person(s) is so ‘fragile’ in their thinking that they can’t ‘cope’ when someone has a contrary viewpoint…AND can better articulate it than they.  Furthermore, a snowflake is easily manipulated; easily tossed to and fro and subject to the whims of those whom they are trying to impress.  

    Snowflakes are only good for the short term.  They are not stable enough for the long haul.  Young Black Man…you MUST be solid, upright, and strong enough to face the ‘long hauls’ of life…especially IN America!

    The term ‘snowflake’ was originally used to describe Caucasians (because snowflakes are–traditionally–white).  Well, there are young Black males and females who are suffering from the same afflictions.     I call them ‘Coalflakes’: Dark on the outside, but just as fragile as a regular ‘snowflake’…and unable to cope with the ups and downs of life.  Like some of their parents before them, they’ve bought into much of the ‘social deception’ of the majority culture and have forgotten who they REALLY are!  Sadly, Coalflakes have more to lose than snowflakes.  They have the economic progress of future generations in their hands…those same hands that are ‘hooked’ on the metallic crack addiction known as ‘texting’.  

    Let me clue some young folk who may be reading my column this month.  Tearing up a section of town because of a young man who got shot by a cop does not make you a ‘viral hero’, it makes you ‘ignorant’ of reality, that the one you are cheering just robbed your house, or your parent’s store.  I still chuckle over the time a young Black man was protesting and tearing up the streets…until his mother saw him on TV in all his glory.  Mama jumped into some clothes, found her son…and it wasn’t pretty how she got aholt of him, yanked him out of the protest march and beat his butt–all the way home.  The same majority culture that used to chide and/or threaten parents for disciplining their own kids, called her a ‘hero’!

    That young man found out the hard way that his parent still ruled her home.

    In a bygone era, young Blacks viewed nonviolent social protest as ONLY a facet of a bigger diamond.  Living a clean, upright life, having a firm relationship with God, getting married, having a job and raising a family were the other facets of the diamond called ‘life’ for young Black men.  Young Black women were more focused on getting ready to run a home–which, when done correctly–is more powerful and successful than ANY Fortune 500 company.  Now, some Black millennials–in too many cases–have gone soft in the brain and spine.  Many can’t get into a history book, or show up to classes on time…but can get an Iphone and click their hours away, or, meet up at the next protest march spooled out by the white-owned social media.

    It takes more energy to build, than to tear down.

    Young Black man…Young Black woman, a question for you:  How are you able to spend so much energy to ‘impact social change’ without, but do so little to improve YOUR ability to BUILD a home or city?  It wasn’t that long ago that Black folk could ONLY find work in a government job, a factory, or teaching school.  Now that we’ve got a little money, we think that we’ve ‘made it’.  No, we’ve haven’t.  The evidence is as plain as the TV pictures on the national news.  Even in our ‘enlightened’ new century, our young people are quick to ‘give away’ images of ourselves on media outlets we no longer own.

    Wise up Young Black man.  Your excellence is not in being a paid social organizer or mob fodder, but in building a solid character that is free from social manipulation and contributing to the social landscape.  Wise up Young Black woman.  Your excellence is in home building, not in home wrecking.  Keeping up with the latest social media mantra about injustice does not make you wise, nor strong.  Learning and applying what makes for building a successful society is always the right way to go.

    It is too late in the game, to be caught playing in a Black snowstorm, built by one’s own ignorance.  Think on this the next time you are paid–or tempted–to be part of the ‘social outrage’ and help to tear down things that you didn’t take part in building.

Ramey, a Minister, syndicated columnist and book reviewer lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.  To correspond, drop him an email at manhoodline@yahoo.com.  © 2016, 2019  Barnstorm Communications.

Column 2

Over the years, I have heard the mantra: “What people need is someone who is willing to provide straight talk” on the issues of today.  The man or woman who has been known as a ‘straight talker’ does manage to draw a modicum of respect in some circles.
Those whom–according to the KJV Scriptures–are doers–the men and women who believe in ‘straight action’–are the ones who are in sore demand in our modern tech era; the ones who follow up their talk with action are the ones who need to be held in high esteem.  Show me a man who is beyond talk and–when the chips are down–he will be not only standing, he will be progressing.  He will be able to make forward movement with his dreams.  He will be upright–instead of uptight–for God, and a force for good.  Not only this, but he will inspire other men to follow his example and make real change.
Brothers, don’t just talk to me about your business plan, ministry, or upcoming marriage…show me how you are going to carry it out from the beginning, middle and when it is finished.  You’ll be amazed at how ready you are, once your skin is in the game.

We have noticed a lot of cussing and fussing coming from the mouths of seemingly powerful women, brothers.  From Capitol Hill to Cherry Hill Park, women are on the verbal warpath.  Yet, they–in a lot of cases–don’t have the gumption to put those mouths into harness and clean up their OWN homes and families.
It wasn’t that long ago that feminists NAGGED men about three things:  overworking on a job/career, not being home for the family, and profanity.  Funny how modern feminists are practicing the SAME three things and they–along with their sympathizers in the mainstream mess (many of whom are women)–berated men for doing.  Interestingly enough, more and more women are suffering heart attacks, strokes, alcoholism, drug addiction and the rest of the list of ills as they are on the outside of God’s plan.
This is the true face of feminism, brothers–hypocrisy in action.  Feminism has never been about equality.  It has been about power, and who will rule the home, church and society…men or women.  With a record number of liberal women in Congress, American men are going to get a crash course in hypocrisy by women.
Stay woke, brothers, and take notes.

If I can dial up my memory banks, a few years before 9/11, there was a similar movement to emasculate men in the marketplace.  You know what I’m talking about.  The ‘need’ for a kinder, gentler, non-threatening man.  A man that would be willing to let women ‘take over’ in the running of the home, church, and society.  A man–I hasten to add–who would be willing to go against the God of his creator and become a woman in pants.
Then, the towers fell in New York and the Pentagon was attacked.
Funny how God reminds nations how important men are–as MEN!
Those same voices are coming back.  We’re seeing a lot of ‘Toxic Schleprock’ clogging the airwaves about the ‘need’ for a kinder, gentler, non-threatening man.  Sadly, there are men who are more than willing to trade off the manhood of their sons in order to bow the knee at the feet of the feminists in the quest to make a buck.

‘Schleprock’, if you know your ‘toons’, was a character in the “Flintstones” universe who attracted bad luck like an ant colony to a picnic.  Everyone around him paid a terrible price to being in his proximity.
The same can be said about those who try to turn men away from being MEN!
The social engineers, loud mouthed feminists and undercover members of the Muslim Sisterhood are about to get a major lesson in trying to re-write the DNA of men.  First, God is not pleased.  Second, THEIR men and sons will be swept up in the attack.  Third, another national catastrophe–including a war–could involve America and the call will go up for men to take up arms to fight it.  My question: “How do you turn manhood ‘back on’ after you turn it off with drugs, shaming and social stigma?”
Let me end this section with a true observation: It is IMPOSSIBLE for a man to ‘step up’ to be a mentor to someone else’s child, and ‘step back’ from being a husband to the mother of his OWN children.  IF society worked on preserving traditional marriage, we wouldn’t be having nearly as many problems in society at the present.

To find out what manhood is all about, one MUST turn to the instruction manual: the KJV Bible.  Psalm 119 runs 176 verses, and the author is unknown.  However, because of the way it is constructed, some have contributed it to the authorship of David, who has written many other psalms.      The key to the first eight verses is found in verse 4: “Thou has commanded us to keep thy precepts diligently.”
If any man needs strength, it must come from the Lord.  If any man who desires to lead, whether in the home, church, or in society, they must get their focus from God.  If you can NOT follow directions, you will find it difficult in giving leadership.  If you don’t follow God’s Word, how can you best navigate your way through the pathways of life?

This marks the 400th year that Black folks have been in America.  History maintains that we arrived here in 1619…although some historical records hold that we got here even earlier than this.  In a Black History Month salute, I would encourage folks to study a living hero: Tony Brown.
Author, lecturer, journalist, educator.  Those four titles, in a nutshell, compile a solid description of Brown.  While he may be getting up in years, I would encourage any young man to get to their library and look up and read any of Brown’s books.  You’ll get more of an education from one of Brown’s books…than from many of your textbooks.
His best quote: “Don’t ASK me what your chances of success are; TELL me what they are.  For you do NOT need my permission–to be successful!”

Mike Ramey is a Minister, Book Reviewer, P-School Ranger, Modern Street Gangs Specialist and Syndicated Columnist who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.  “The Manhood Line: Live!” is one of a variety of columns that Ramey has in cyberspace.  To drop him a line…or a whine…the address is still the same:  manhoodline@yahoo.com.  ©2019  Barnstorm Communications.

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