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There is such non-stop silliness happening in our current society that I wanted to retreat to a simpler time of writing.  Back in the days of in-person school when the children first got back from their vacation they had to share—in essay form–with their teacher and classmates what they had experienced (and hopefully learned) during their time off.

Of course, with much of society growling and snapping at each other like the counselors and the waiters from the classic tune “Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh (Camp Granada)” by Allan Sherman (yes, it is on YT in several different forms), I wanted to provide a little humor via some of the things that I’ve spotted in the mainstream mess (MSM) over the last few months, thanks to the Wuhan Virus Pandemic.  I realize that some parts of the country have been pushed into distance learning and may not be directly ‘in’ a school classroom.  I encourage those students who are hunkered down at the family home that it would be a good time to spend time in your family KJV Bible and other assorted books.  You will find that turning pages will do wonders for your reading (and mental) comprehension and boost your faith.  Not to mention the fact that WHEN you will eventually have to take those standardized tests (in a post-Wuhan society) you will be better prepared!

So, FLASH…let’s go to press Mr. and Mrs. America and all the ships along the funky electronic frontier…


*One of the things that quickly became obvious is that the Hollywood crowd and the Mainstream Mess were up to their old tricks.  In a culture which supports Abortion on Demand, we still had stories about starlets and entertainment women getting pregnant and expecting the rest of us to ‘get excited’ about their ‘future baby bump’ while at the same time entertainment politics demands homage by killing everyone else’s unborn child.  In the words of one bumper ‘snicker’: “If it AIN’T a child; you AIN’T pregnant!”  Amen?

*Skin was the new ‘in’ during the Wucation.  Starlets and female entertainment celebs spent their times posing in quarantine with the least amount (or no) clothing.  Sometimes, you didn’t have to check the web for pictures of your favorite ‘barely covered’ celeb—they were in the news.  You had a host of other immature young women who wanted to show the world their birthday suits during riots, during block parties, and during confrontations with the cops.  Of course, this brought new meaning to the letters NSFW.  To take this point a little further, the celeb crowd did not socially distance themselves when they showed up undressed to influence our vote for the highest office in the land.  Yep, some liberal women LOVE to show skin.  Unfortunately, if a MAN likes to talk to them about a possible date, he’s held to be sexist (unless he has a big bank account—color optional).

*A funny thing happened to Antifa and BLM (Black Lives Manipulated) on the way to more than a few riots.  The rioters were shocked–actually SHOCKED–to find out that the seeds of destruction they helped to sow quickly bit them in the butt!  How many times did we read of riot causers getting jacked up by other violent people?  The ‘defund the cops’ crowd quickly learned the value of the men and women in blue!  Unfortunately, once the police arrived, the cops could do little as liberal and Democrat elected officials tied their hands.  Of course, as I had earlier predicted (and written about) cops not wanted by one (usually Democrat run) city are being actively recruited by well (usually Republican) run cities.  One of the truly funny moments?  Watching as the ‘brave’ protesters were hauled away by federal agents on federal charges.  Charges, I might add, that involved FEDERAL time.  Your ‘bail out’ crew will NOT be able to get these erased from your record AND you must serve 80% of your time before even being considered for release.  Real ‘job killer’ for the protesters involved in law, education, medicine, and other fields as their ‘day jobs’.

*As it has been reported in your favorite column over the past few months, it is highly amusing to watch white people, representing BLM, burning down Black small businesses in the hood.  And we thought that the KKK and Planned Parenthood were bad!  Yep, the same folks who are talking about the need for ‘Black economic empowerment’ are the first ones to get out a match, and burn out OTHER Black folk who are investing their OWN money in the hood (remember the riots in Ferguson?).  In short, IF you are interested in providing for your OWN family and providing jobs (sometimes first jobs) for Black youth, you are held to be sexist, racist, and homophobic (but, this will change IF you bow down to the mob). 


*What do you say when a Black, female Police Chief of a major city is FORCED out of office by White, liberal women?  No one said: ‘a mumblin’ word’.  Other cities around the country (again, usually run by Democrats) a number of police chiefs turned in their resignations and headed on to better locations.  A good percentage of these chiefs (some 25% according to published reports) were B-L-A-C-K.  Question:  When we have overcome, it is interesting that bought and paid for Black folk who have little in the way of the achievement department eagerly cling to their roles as NEW economic slaves.  Then, these underachievers scream ‘RACISM’ when they cannot advance into mainstream society (#ThankSoros.com).

*From our ‘they would not want it done to them’ department, the social media wizards (you read this right) are doing their best to smother ANY free opinion which ‘offends’ them.  How do you cancel the censors?  Simple.  Do NOT by their expensive toys.  Either wait until they are on sale, or, make due with what you have until you need to buy it (at a lower cost, of course).

*Been a blast watching pro-sports take a nosedive along the Wucation Frontier.  Business experts (yes, the bean counters) are expecting the economy to get back on its feet in two or three YEARS.  While unemployment is going down, jobs in non-essential sectors (bars, restaurants, entertainment) continue to trend downward.  Thus, essentials like food, shelter and clothing are rapidly replacing season tickets in many families (sorry, LeBron).  Now the multi-million dollar athletes (slaves) and their multi-billion dollar owners (masters) are going to have to start shopping for fans at Wal-Mart parking lots, or among the homeless.  What a shame.

*My family and I took some time off from our local house of worship because of the Wuhan.  However, our KJV Bibles never closed.  We had plenty of spiritual ammo stored up in case of national calamity.  I would strongly recommend that people of the Christian faith start up and maintain a ‘spiritual ammo dump’ in their homes in case of church shutdowns.  Our church is back to normal worship, while others in my Democrat controlled county have been hobbled.    God does make house calls even when the government and health officials do not.


*I got a BIG kick out of the number of ‘people in the know’ who were bitten by the Wuhan Virus bug.  Some of them were the same Democrat governors, starlets, and health officials who were cheering when President Donald J. Trump (and family and staff members) caught the bug. POTUS and his crew made a speedy recovery.  The power mad haters—in some cases—did not. ‘God don’t like ugly, and ain’t too thrilled with pretty,’ is one of those pearls of Black wisdom that the BLM and Antifa crowd could not understand.  Can NOT read KJV Bibles that you burn.  Seems that their arms are too short to box with God.  While I am writing this column ahead of the November, 2020 elections, voters are getting a good view of which politicians are FOR them, and which are AGAINST them.  I’ll give you a hint.  IF your elected officials aren’t living up to the same standards you have set for yourself and your OWN family…why re-elect them?

*Amazing.  One of the new businesses that surfaced during the Wuhan involved electronic sports betting.  Yes, NOW you can lose your paycheck, unemployment paycheck, or your house with a few clicks of a button.  The disturbing thing?  Seeing Black faces and companies attached to this new venture.  Really disturbing.  What’s next…bathtub gin and speakeasies?

*There were more energies expended in trying to ‘observe’ the yearly, month-long ‘celebration’ of the man-made welfare holiday better known as ‘Halloween’ than re-opening the economy and getting people back to real work.  Of course, with many churches closed (and many more Christians blissfully ignorant of its origins) the ability of the pro-Halloween crowd to push their agenda of free candy (for children) and public debauchery (for adults in costume).  Amazing how much energy can be found for the non-essentials in American society.

*Gee, do you think that it is a shock that ‘Cuties’ is regarded as child porn?  Shocker number two:  those who helped the Obama administration in the past are a part of the company board that green-lit this nasty project.  Shock number three:  viewership is WAY down!  H’mmm…many people aren’t as dumb as they might think…

*The most interesting thing about the Wucation?  How much illegal immigration has disappeared from the front pages of the Mainstream Mess.  Let me break this down for clear consumption.  Illegal immigration HURTS Americans—especially American people of color.  Illegal aliens are willing to work cheaply, which drives down wages in the blue-collar job arena.  Many who have been getting rich over cheap labor are the SAME people who provide your ‘clicky-clicky’ devices, and who make it possible for you to view your funny cat videos.  Seems more school-aged young Black people need to take the time to read HOW this country was built…before the mob burns those books.  As for me?  I’m just walkin’ in a Wuhan Wonderland!

Mike Ramey is a Minister, syndicated columnist and Modern Street Gangs Consultant who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.  “The Ramey Commentaries” is one of a variety of his written works appearing in cyberspace.  To drop a line—or a whine—the address is still the same: manhoodline@yahoo.com.  ©2020 Barnstorm Communications International.

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