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“In 2015, the U. S. government posthumously awarded the country’s highest award for valor, the Congressional Medal of Honor, to Henry Johnson.”

–Stephen L. Harris, Contributor

“Red, White, and Black”

     If it were not for “Red, White, and Black” we would not have known more about the contribution to American History made by a Black serviceman by the name of Henry Johnson and his World War I Regiment, better known by their nickname “The Hellfighters”.  At a time when young people have electronic access to all sorts of historical information, it is still the medium of the printed word in books that brings home more knowledge of our Black Heroes and Heroines.  Reading books makes history of any time come to life.

     The official title of the book is: “Red, White and Black: Rescuing American History from Revisionists and Race Hustlers (2021, 213 pages, Emancipation Books).  It is edited by well-known business sage Robert L. Woodson, Sr.  The work brings together such high-powered writers as Shelby Steele, Carol M. Swain and John McWhorter to name a few.  Their weapons in this battle to eliminate ignorance surrounding true African American contributions to this land we live in are benched in truth and deed, through old stalwarts and new, unknown champions.

“Ingrained in me was not hatred or bitterness.  I was optimistic about the future, despite periods of despair.  There is hope for America.”

–Carol M. Swain, Contributor

“Red, White, and Black”

     This is a long overdue book to answer the current uninformed chorus of doom and despair which comprises much of the current teaching on American History in general, and Black History in particular.  “Red, White, and Black” is a gathering of great minds who not only believe in sharing American History, but their stake in how they helped to make this land great through their own contributions.

     “Red, White, and Black” is written in a friendly style, which works to draw the reader into each essay.  While it serves as a great introduction to the 1776 Unites program (as a firm counter to the 1619 Project) Woodson has brought together more than twenty essays to inspire young and old.  Some of the essays make great bedtime stories for ‘little readers’ to give them fuel for future success.  This book may be found at your favorite bookseller, or electronic book purchasing connection.


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