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“Why So Picky?” is what every kid trying to be free from their hovering parents wants to know.

 –S.E. Floyd, Author “Why So Picky?”


     “Why So Picky?” is a Children’s book that does NOT come across like others in the genre.  It not only answers the ‘what’ of an issue—it illustrates the ‘why’ to children AND adults in a straightforward and humorous manner.  Author S. E. Floyd has scored a solid hit with this work.

      “Why So Picky?” (2021, 22 pages, Author House Publishing) is Floyd’s first venture into the Children’s book field.  It features a young man who seemingly is in a funk over the rules that his father and mother lay down as he gets ready for school.  Floyd’s brief but funny ‘activity points’ between the boy and his parents capture the essence of many of us during childhood.  We wondered (to ourselves—NOT out loud) why our parents insisted that we took the time to do things “the right way” concerning our personal hygiene before we went out to represent ourselves (and our family) before our peers, teachers and community elders. 

     The first half of the book covers the ‘slings and arrows’ suffered by our young hero.  We can identify with him…a very important trait of any good work when it comes to the main character.  However, it is the second portion of the book where the young (and not-so-young) reader is led to understand why the hero’s parents were so ‘picky’.  I’m not going to give away the ending…but it is sure to bring a smile to the lips of many a parent or grandparent. 

     This is the true power of: “Why So Picky?” 

     The book is composed of sturdy, well-colored pages…just right for little—and big—fingers.  This is going to be one of those favorite Children’s books that the little ones will ask to have read to them again and again.  Floyd, a Minister, Educator, and Executive Director “Rosie’s Tiny Tots Daycare Ministry” in Indianapolis, Indiana, has spent much of his life involved in the mission field of working with youth.  Married and the father of three himself, no doubt that Floyd ‘borrowed’ from both his family and ministry experiences.  “Why So Picky?” is the successful result of his keen observations. 

     “Why So Picky?” may be found through your favorite electronic bookseller or may be obtained through or  This book is great for the holidays or just for a ‘heart lifter’ between parents and children. 


Mike Ramey is a Minister, syndicated columnist, book reviewer and consultant.  “On Line Reviews” is one of a variety of regular, syndicated column titles which Ramey has in cyberspace from Barnstorm Communications International.  If you care to drop him a line, or a whine, feel free to reach him at ©2021 Barnstorm Communications International.

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