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James Lawler Publishes First Espionage Novel “Living Lies”


The story begins as the U.S. is eagerly pursuing negotiations with Iran regarding their nuclear weapons program. A well-placed source in the Iranian delegation provides seemingly critical intelligence on their positions after he volunteers to a gullible CIA officer. The Iranian source, however, is a double agent controlled by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. A more talented CIA officer, Lane Andrews, recruits a legitimate source. His source discovers the stark truth in Iran and reports back at great risk to himself. Lane struggles in vain to convince the CIA that there is a double agent influencing the negotiations, but the U.S. and Iran strike a deal. The CIA Director, a narcissistic billionaire, is delighted that Iran has caved into the U.S. demands. Except it secretly hasn’t. “Living Lies” will keep readers on the edge as they embark on a thrilling adventure filled with unexpected twists and turns. Lane must find a way to do the right thing and prevent large scale death and destruction in a world where trustworthiness is nonexistent. This is an unforgettable espionage thriller that will keep you coming back for more with each page. Get ready for an adventure filled with thrills, danger, and excitement in “Living Lies”!

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My second espionage novel, “In the Twinkling of an Eye,” should follow in December.  It’s about a Russian-North Korean conspiracy to develop a devastating genetic bio-weapon for assassination and genocide.  He is currently writing his third espionage novel, “The Traitor’s Tale,” about treachery and treason deep within the CIA.

About James Lawler

James Lawler served for 25 years as a CIA operations officer in various international posts and was a member of CIA’s Senior Intelligence Service (SIS-3) from 1998 until retirement in 2005. He was a specialist in the recruitment of foreign spies, and he spent well over half of his CIA career battling the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. As Chief of the A.Q. Khan Nuclear Takedown Team, which resulted in the disruption of the most dangerous nuclear weapons network in history, Mr. Lawler was the recipient of one of the CIA’s Trailblazer Awards in 2007, marking the 60th anniversary of CIA. CIA Director George Tenet sent Mr. Lawler a note which stated, “Jim, what you and your team have achieved will rank up there as one of the most spectacular intelligence accomplishments in the history of the CIA.” Former CIA Deputy Director John McLaughlin noted that the effort was “the closest thing I’ve ever seen to a perfect intelligence operation.”

Mr. Lawler also received the Director’s Award from DCI Tenet, the U.S. Intelligence Community’s HUMINT Collector of the Year Award, and the Donovan Award from the CIA’s Deputy Director of Operations.

“Living Lies” is currently available in E-Book form, and hard copies will be available on November 1. 2021. “In the Twinkling of an Eye” will be published in late 2021. He is currently writing his third espionage novel, “The Traitor’s Tale,” about treachery and treason deep within the CIA.

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