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“You Americans are so gullible.  No, you won’t accept communism outright, but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you will finally wake up and find that you already have communism”

–Nikita Khrushschuev

“Socialism: The Real History From Plato To The Present”

While there have been many lengthy discussions on the dangers associated with socialism, the number of easy-to-read historical reference books on the issue which may be taught to our young people have been hard to come by.  Further complicating the matter, some of those who are players throughout history and their thoughts on the issue have been lost in the mists of time.

Sensing the need for such a dynamic work, William J. Federer has entered this arena of thought with his book: “Socialism: The Real History From Plato To The Present” (2020, 287 pages, AmerSearch Inc.).  The reader will get a true panoramic view on the topic of socialism in a book that is sure to become a great ‘heads up’ resource to young and old alike.  In fact, because of its ease in style and historical reference quotes and notes, this could be a great work for small group study.

Subtopics in the book address the issues of communism, racism, socialism, atheism, and the rise of men throughout the centuries who have labored to fight against God, His Church, and His Word.  Just as plentiful are examples of men who have bravely kept up the fight against the spread of socialism. Federer details socialism as a centuries-old grudge match between a humanistic worldview of the state being more important than God…and NOT wanting to admit that God via Jesus Christ CAN impact society for the good IF man realizes that he is incapable of being ‘good and moral’ aside from God’s standards and commandments.

Federer’s book also brings to the table a great wealth of information on the buzz words, tactics, and definitions which are popular to socialism—and its offshoots.  One may even be bold enough to classify this work as a spiritual warfare training manual against a mindset which is rapidly seeping into the American mainstream at all levels, serving to color modern thought and turn it away from its Judeo-Christian roots.  Even the church has been tainted—in many ways—from such socialism belief props as “liberation theology”, which dates back to the Cold War era of U.S. and Soviet (U.S.S.R) relations.

“Socialism: The Real History From Plato To The Present” contains a number of short, easy to read chapters which cover where socialism came from, where it has been, how it is progressing, and how it may be stopped.  The book may be found through your favorite regular bookstore, electronic bookseller or through AmerSearch Inc. at

Mike Ramey is a Minister, syndicated columnist, book reviewer and consultant.  “On Line Reviews” is one of a variety of regular column titles which Ramey has in cyberspace from Barnstorm Communications International.  If you care to drop him a line, or a whine, feel free to reach him at ©2020 Barnstorm Communications International.



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