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The Ramey Commentaries: Modern Liberals: A Christian Observation–Part 2




“But evil men shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.”

–II Timothy 3:13 KJV

“Give advice: IF people don’t listen, let adversity teach them.”

–African Proverb 

     One of the best quotes I heard to sum up modern liberals comes from Dr. Thomas Sowell, in his description of social justice.  According to Sowell: “Envy plus rhetoric equals “Social Justice”.  Think of this the next time someone (or something) gets ‘cancelled’ by the ‘woke’ generation.  People are sooooo envious of another’s success that they do NOT believe that they can successfully compete on the battlefield of life.  Modern liberals want success…but don’t want the risk and the work that goes along with it.

      In short?  The modern liberal is double-minded and unstable in all their ways.

      Remember the riots disguised as ‘protests’ during 2020?  While watching one city going up in flames via the mainstream mess, I recall a statement I made as BLM and Antifa were burning down a town.  In that city, they had burned down a local post office.  I simply stated: “I wonder where folks are going to get their mail?”  Of course, modern liberals who are a part of the mainstream mess (MSM) don’t want to talk about the fact that CNN actually MOVED their headquarters OUT of Atlanta after the rioters ‘turned’ on their building and started trashing their spaces.  H’mmm…


     Modern liberals are ‘experts’ at hijacking language—IF you let them get away with it!  Once upon a time, an ‘affair’ was ‘adultery’, a ‘substance abuser’ was a ‘junkie’, and ‘taxing the rich’ was increasing taxes ‘on the middle class’.  This is one of the ways in which they cover up their evil deeds (which is modeled after the Fascist and Communist playbooks); change the definition of a particular act so to make it ‘appear’ to be what is it is not to the human eye.

      Remember when Kanye West declared that he got ‘woke’ while President Donald Trump was in office?  His definition of the word (which originated with him I believe) was that he was no longer willing to side with the Democrat party and stay on their ‘liberal plantation’.  West went public to the music industry/entertainment mafia and informed them that he was not going to by their ‘liberal mind tricks’ and–as a Black man–was going to think for himself.

      The modern liberal collective could NOT have this.  Thus, a few weeks after Kanye went public with his definition of the word, the entertainment/media/music industry/abortion coven ‘counterpunched’ his truth with an emergency re-definition of the word.  Thus ‘woke’ today has a different definition to fit the coven…not the truth.  Kanye’s definition was quickly pounced upon, beaten, and shoved off to the side.  So much for free though and free speech…especially if you are Black and want to ‘maintain’ your bank book on the modern liberal plantation.

     The Ramey definition of ‘woke’ from my personal guidebook to the modern liberal zone is the following: Wrong Observations of Knowledge and Evidence.  In short?  The ‘woke’ crowd would deny water is wet, cancel it out…and drown in the nearest lake!


     In our last thrill packed episode, we had the opportunity to examine modern liberals in America from a biblical point of view.  The central thought?  They are deceiving others into believing that they are ‘doing a good work’ for the country, and they are deceiving themselves by ONLY fastening their attention onto those who support them. 

      Those with opposing thoughts need not bother to talk to them—in their view. 

      We also covered the eight marks in which to spot modern liberals.  Modern liberals operate from a conflicted mindset with the phrase: “Do As I Say, Don’t Do As I Do” at their core.  Thus, some can have large families and traditional marriages; then will push for society to have abortion on demand without blinking an eye.  It’s all about making sure that YOUR children and YOUR family will NOT be able to compete, nor give competition, nor ‘show up’ modern liberals in THEIR willful ignorance.

     Modern liberals demand the release of criminals from prisons BUT are quick to block efforts to build jails in their OWN neighborhoods (even though some modern liberal entertainers secretly own stock in private prisons).  Some modern liberals have made millions in the entertainment field pushing their ‘own’ brand of ‘art’ but will NOT let their own kids partake of their offerings.  But it is OK for YOUR child to pay for and listen to their filth under the guise of needing to be ‘cool’ and ‘with it’ in mainstream society. 

      Here’s the kicker: many of the children of modern liberals attend private, charter, or religious schools while other children–especially urban children–are not allowed to have the same option.  Recently, in California of all places, the head of the Teacher’s Union in one part of the state was caught on camera taking HIS child to a private school.  This happening while HIS union kept the public schools closed.  The moral of the story?  Video don’t lie.  It shows hypocrisy—warts and all.


     The TRUE liberal belief structure is on full political display in these last days.  They—and their supporters in the mainstream mess—have been partying down like the Philistines of old.  It is their day in the sun.  They seek to make sport of a large segment of the American people whom they think they have pushed into silence.  What makes this drama even more sad is that there are people who ARE modern liberals and VOTED liberal and are ‘shocked’ that their taxes are going up, along with the costs of food and fuel. 

      Allow me to present two fundamental economic realities which are often overlooked by the lovers of liberalism.  First, more than 70% of the economy is controlled by the American consumer.  If the consumer does not have confidence in their ability to purchase goods and services, the economy quickly slows.  Second, more than 75% of the businesses in our economy are small businesses, which also produce a major part of the jobs.

     When liberal economic policies (high taxes, high regulation, more government spending, less economic opportunity, etc.) become THE policies of the land the people soon suffer.  Especially some people of color—including poor whites.  The Congressional Budget Office, earlier in 2021, estimated that IF the federal minimum wage is raised to $15 per hour, an estimated 1.5 MILLION jobs will be lost by 2025.  The ‘working poor’ whom modern liberals claim to ‘support’ will also lose jobs as they too will have been priced out of the job market.

      The run-of-the-mill liberals in the most recent election cycle were willingly deceived into thinking that they would be included among their successful liberal leaders by voting for those who backed this dangerous economic agenda.  In truth, the modern liberal—and their supporters—have found out too late that they have been deceived!  In the words of an old African Proverb: “Give advice: If people don’t listen, let adversity teach them.” 

      Seems that there are a lot of modern liberals who are learning painful lessons—again!

      The liberal class have made three fatal mistakes that will come back to bite them on God’s timetable.  First, they have forgotten that God can see and hear (II Chronicles 16:9 KJV).  Second, God protects those who belong to him (I Peter 3:12).  Third, God will not tolerate those who take pride in committing and subsidizing abominations before Him (Proverbs 6:16-19).  Add up this short list and one may see trouble appearing on the horizon unless there is genuine repentance; sorrow for one’s sins and forsaking of one’s sins—while there is still time.


     A few years back, a drug rehab counselor whom I interviewed on the subject of drug addicts (also known as substance abusers to modern liberals) had come up with a rather unique way of dealing with his clients.  In their first meeting, he would allow them to ‘spill their guts’ as to why they thought they were ‘hooked’ on drugs.  At the end he would check with the client to find out IF they were through with the excuses/reasons for their addiction.  He would then let them know that later meetings would ONLY deal with solutions to the problem, NOT with a rehash of the excuses.

      Those of the modern liberal mindset are experts in keeping ‘the’ problem alive as long as possible.  Social engineers are not about solving the problems associated with personal responsibility issues; they can make more money (and keep more people enslaved) by having individuals play the blame game.  Liberal government policies are not centered in ‘knocking down’ high unemployment rates; they can make more money sharing the misery, expanding the bureaucracy, and giving out checks under the ‘illusion’ of solving the problem.

      The modern liberal will never admit they have missed the mark on a social issue or a social problem.  The real reason why homelessness has expanded in America?  Many soup kitchens, street missions and homeless ministries are run by Christians.  They stress Jesus Christ and the Bible as the means to solve the underlying issues of homelessness, which has to do with SIN.  The modern liberal—as I mentioned in the first installment of this series—hates anything to do with Jesus Christ.  Thus, in Democrat-controlled cities across the land—including mine–you have thousands of homeless people who have been allowed to squat on the streets because ‘they don’t want to hear about that Jesus stuff’.


     The liberal class and their supporters/allies are quick to show their love for bigger government and smaller individual free speech and property rights—until THEY are in need of help for THEIR families and loved ones.  Then, look out!  Faster than you can say “ruling class” they eagerly head for the things that they quickly deny for others.

      It was reported by a major New York newspaper that a leading Democrat was frustrated in his not being able to get his Wuhan Virus vaccine shot in his home city of New York because of the snafus and utter inability of the medical officials there to get the vaccine out to the public.  Our muckity-muck wasn’t going to stand for waiting.  He—and others of his ilk—dashed down to one of the ‘deplorable’ states (Florida) and got their shot there and came back home to brag about it.  Of course, Florida officials didn’t like this one bit.  The incident made the media rounds causing the Governor of Florida to mandate that the vaccine IN Florida be restricted ONLY to the residents of his states—no outsiders need apply.


     Liberals also come in racial flavors!  Black liberal pastors and preachers who are ‘down’ with public education, but do not send THEIR children to public schools.  Their children attend better schools in either well-performing districts, private schools, parochial or charter schools.  Further, many of them do NOT live around their church members.  Back in the day, your pastor was living in a parsonage.  These days, some preachers have homes far away from their churches in better areas of the city or suburbs—with a STRONG police presence.

      What further complicates the picture is that these Ministers have the ‘illusion’ that they are doing so much good for God yet will not harken to His doctrine.  Modern liberals are in our churches, Seminaries and Bible colleges.  They enjoy their own company but will ‘cross the street’ in order to talk with those outside of their power group IF they have something which they need or a family member has to get out of a mess of which only the ‘cancelled’ have particular wisdom.

      I have always found it amazing that modern liberals in churches have no clue as to how to pray, how to tithe and how to evangelize.  That’s why they plot and scheme to put out gimmicks to lure church members and pastors from believing, conservative churches and poison them with their liberal orthodoxy.

      Modern liberals are the most dangerous as they—and their mindset–operate in communities of color.  That is where we are going to pick up the commentary in the next portion of this series.

      Mike Ramey is a Minister, syndicated columnist and Modern Street Gangs Consultant who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.  “The Ramey Commentaries” is one of a variety of his written works appearing in cyberspace.  To drop a line—or a whine—the address is still the same: manhoodline@yahoo.com.  ©2021 Barnstorm Communications International (2).

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